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    OK, I finally finished a version of a document I have been promising to write. We put it on our site: OOMessagingCommandPatternStatePattern. In it we present examples of the following in LabVIEW: messaging with LabVIEW objects Command Pattern (with XML configuration files application example) State Pattern Hopefully the examples will be helpful to some readers, and promote further discussion on scalable application architectures.
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    It's been a while since high school English, but with that corrective symbol, wouldn't the result be "Wierd" instead of "Wired", which I think is the intent? Here's an idea: could the switcheroo tool somehow be incorporated in the image for switching the letters around?
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    How about using Source Code Control and reverting to a version just prior to that "helpful" input? I may be misunderstanding here but this seems to me to be a primary example of the value of backing up and/or SCC. I use Subversion now and have found it to be useful -- FWIW.

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