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    Greetings Friends of LAVA, colleagues, cohorts, and Wireworkers Extraordinaire -- it's LAVA BBQ time! Change log for 2018: Prices have been rolled back to a previous, cheaper version New location, see below Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 Time: 7:30-10:00 pm Location: Uncle Billy's Brewery and Smokehouse, 1530 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704 (1.5 miles from Convention Center) Cost: $25 Early Bird (through May 4th) $30 Regular Admission (through May 20th) $35 At the door (May 21st - 22nd) Meal Options: Expect to enjoy your choice of meats (brisket, turkey, ribs) with sides like mac and cheese, cole slaw, and potato salad. A vegetarian option is available when purchasing tickets. Cash beer bar. Who: Everyone is welcome, including spouses traveling with you. Even if it's your first time, expect to recognize many faces/names from the forums and NI R&D. What to wear: It's a covered, outdoor venue in Austin during Spring, so dress for the weather and comfort. Door Prizes: We will have a drawing to give away prizes. All attendees are eligible and will receive a door prize ticket upon entry. See below about sponsoring a door prize yourself to share the love. ------------>>------------>> Get LAVA BBQ 2018 Tickets Here <<------------<<------------ The venue is now a 30 minute walk from the convention center, or a $6 Uber. Get together and carpool, people are typically gathering at Challenge the Champions in Exhibit Hall 4, which is great fun. There is a free parking garage behind the building. We'd love for you to sponsor a door prize - Continue Reading: If you or your company want to sponsor a LAVA BBQ door prize, please post a reply below. You can also include a small blurb about your company and a link to your website in the post below. By donating a prize you and your company will receive a small announcement of your choosing, during the event. We will ask you to write the announcement on a post-it note and will attach it to the prize to be read before awarding it. We love the door prizes, but we love time for socializing too. Here are some guidelines to keep our event balanced and streamlined. Single item donations work best. If donating more than one item, then multiple identical items is strongly preferred. If donating non-tangible items or something that is not physically with you, then please bring a card with your contact info and instructions on how to collect the prize. This will be given to the winner. Donations are typically $25-$200 in value. Not recommended: Apparel (hats, t-shirts, underwear, etc.) - never the right size Software licenses (Toolkits, add-ons, LabVIEW) Branded trade show booth type giveaways (mouse pads, pens, keychains, etc.) Jokes or something meant as a gag and not a real prize Hope to see you there! Chime in once you buy tickets to let everyone know you're coming.
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    I just became aware of this thread and I'm not going to go back and comment on all the discussion points that have been made before, except to say: The original code which did not use a shift register was wrong, but happened the work because of a bug in the LabVIEW inplaceness algorithm. Any input tunnel should retain its original value of every iteration of the loop, so it should've stayed not-a-refnum every time, and therefore the dynamic registration should should have been lost where the loop iterated. The issue was that the left dynamic registration terminal (which is always in-place to the right one) was also in-place to the input tunnel, causing its value to be stomped incorrectly. This is clearly a bug and needed to be fixed. It violated dataflow 'rules' for how tunnels are supposed to behave, and could've made some correct programs yield incorrect behavior. This is not a change that would break a correctly written program, so it does not qualify as an "API breaking" change; this usage has always been wrong but happened to work due to a bug. (This is categorically different than changing behavior of correct code or even changing undocumented behavior, which we try strenuously to avoid.)
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    Door Prize! Two of these custom bluetooth speakers will be given away, sponsored by the LAVA BBQ itself! [Front and back views]
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    Two door prizes from Arktur Technologies this year. First is the classic text from 2002. Second is a brand new book first published in September 2017 ...
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    How come the diagram on the speaker has a backwards wire, an unnecessary coercion dot, and an obsolete analysis VI call?
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    Hey fellow LAVA people. I just turned 50 on April 2nd, and wanted to do something challenging for me, both mentally a physically. I'm running 10K every day for a year and raising money for cancer research. If you want to follow along on my journey, you can subscribe to the 10K365 youtube channel for the latest. Then go on over to 10K365.com and give whatever you can. Thanks, I consider all of you as friends and one of the reasons I love LabVIEW.
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    VI Shots LLC will be donating an Apple TV 4K 32Gb More info here: https://www.apple.com/apple-tv-4k/
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    DISTek will be giving away an Arduino based Sparkfun Kit. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/14556
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    Hardly "rusty". Any software that is still at 1.0.1 after years of use is made of stainless steel People just don't know how to release fully featured and tested software any more. Users have been conditioned to think that software that is continuously updated and fixed can only be good when, in reality, it is a testament to how poor the design, implementation and testing is.
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    Hello everybody! During a few last years I received multiple appeals to release AES library that I developed in 2011 into open-source. So, I've just done exactly this: https://github.com/IgorTitov/LabVIEW-Advanced-Encryption-Standard I released it under MIT license (which means that there are no restrictions whatsoever). No VI passwords, no uglification. LabVIEWishly Yours, Igor Titov.
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    It reminds me of the old quote about solving a programming problem using regular expressions. Punch-line : "Now you've got TWO problems"
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    reshape array + index, inside of a diagram disable structure reshape array takes any dim array and returns 1-dim array. Index takes 1dim array and returns element. Disable structure makes sure the code doesn't run and that you always get the default value for the data type. any aggregation function (add array elements, array max and min, etc) will work too, but I think the reshape/index is clearer.
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    I also have a method to propose: U64 Nanoseconds to LabVIEW Timestamp.vi
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    To ensure NIER collects the most useful information, you need to set a few INI keys on the process that is executing the LabVIEW code (Development System: LabVIEW.ini in the LabVIEW directory; Run-Time Engine: in a [LVRT] section within the .ini file next to the executable). INI keys: NIERDumpType=full LVdebugKeys=True DWarnDialog=True DPrintfLogging=True promoteDWarnInternals=True Of these keys, you should always set the NIERDumpType=full key when debugging an issue, because this key will cause a larger crash dump with more debugging information to be created. The other INI keys can be used to gather more information, but they have the caveat that they will slow execution of the code down, which can be a problem for certain types of issues. It is also important to note that when NIER creates a full crash dump, it should not be submitted to NI through the NIER crash dialog. The NI system is not prepared to handle crash dumps as large as those generated by NIER with the INI key enabled. (I got this information from an NI support person long time ago, I'm not really sure if all of this still applies. But perhaps it helps?)
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    New version is available. (LV2018 32-bit) http://www.ni.com/download/labview-development-system-2018/7406/en/
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    The direct link to the "Software Platform Bundle" is available at: http://www.ni.com/download/web-based-installer-software-platform-bundle-spring-2018/7498/en/ This installer has the option to "download" or "install" that hooovahh mentioned. As far as what is included in this bundle, I don't see a document yet for 2018 Spring, but here is the 2017 Fall: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/54231/en/
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    Firstly, you are using a Formula Node, not a MathScript Node. But that will do what you need just fine. Secondly, look at the built-in help to explain the operators. Right click on the Formula Node, then Help, and then look for the allowed operators. You'll see the ones you need, including >> (right shift), << (left shift), & (and), ^ (exclusive or), and | (or). Note that ^ is not "to the power of". That should make completing this fairly straight-forward.
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    If you use Variant handling using the Variant Parsing Library, or use any library that does, please see this conversation, where I learned from AQ that the name in a Variant is never to be supported in NXG, eliminating all sorts of advanced capability.
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    Raspberry Pi + machine learning + machine vision, sign me up! G Systems is sponsoring this door prize, an AIY Vision Kit from Google.
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    No mechanism exists to launch it. Attached to this post is a VI that has exactly the same front panel as the Edit Events dialog from LabVIEW 2017. You could put code behind it if you wanted to use it elsewhere, but the only thing currently on the block diagram is a bunch of FP terminals. Edit Events Dialog.vi
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    Perhaps old news for many, but my NI Update Service does not tell me these things for some reason (yet to figure out why, it does bring other less needed updates to my attention...) and I have not seen anything about it elsewhere either, so perhaps it is news for others as well: I accidentally noticed that 2017 SP1 has been released . It was posted one week ago, on the 23rd of January...
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    https://www.winemantech.com/blog/testscript-python-labview-connector From release blog... Summary: Test engineers typically add manual-control screens to LabVIEW applications. While it would be helpful to repetitively execute varying parts of those manual-control screens, LabVIEW is not optimal for dynamic scripting, or on-the-fly sequencing with flow control. (Imagine editing the source code of Excel each time you wanted to create a macro.) And while Python is built for scripting, it requires advanced custom coding to interface with LabVIEW. Announcing TestScript: a free Python/LabVIEW connector from Wineman Technology that is simple to add to your existing LabVIEW application and abstracts complex Python coding, allowing you to easily use Python to control LabVIEW or vice versa.
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    yay! please don't look inside some of the code is terrible In all seriousness, I think a lot of the class stuff was overkill for what the code needed to do, but most of it doesn't cause a problem. The biggest issue is the (positive) feedback I posted on yours -- I did the serial stuff wrong, in my opinion, by trying to follow the spec rather than doing it the more pragmatic way (looking at the function code and parsing out the length manually). A series of leaky abstractions all the way from linux-rt up through visa and into the serial layer in that library led to a very hacky workaround on the serial side, and the workaround could have been avoided if I had been more pragmatic at the time. It does work, but its definitely less than ideal. The significant area where your version and this version differ is your attempt to make the object thread safe which...doesn't hurt, but I'm still not sold on. Maybe its just how I write applications, but I can't think of any situation where I'd want to share the port between loops. I thought I had a use not too long ago but since the port is multidrop anyway I just serialized everything.
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    Add a delay between the last write and close and make sure you are not terminating (closing) the connection before all bytes have been transmitted.
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    For the record, text wrapping in the context Help window has been confirmed by NI support to work as "expected" which means in the following way: 1) if you have a single paragraph with NO carriage return, the text will wrap: 2) If you have a single (isolated) carriage return ANYWHERE in the text (as after the first sentence in the original post), wrapping is suppressed (that's the "expected" behavior according to NI R&D). For instance, if I press return after the first sentence in the Description above, wrapping is suppressed: 3) You have to introduce carriage returns IN PAIRS, in order to get a new line AND preserve wrapping: Of course then you get an empty line that you may not necessarily wanted...


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