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    Second for Sorensen's. I've used their DLM600's on several projects using GPIB. Drivers on driver network have been fine for me. I'm not sure how fast you can sample back their IV though. Whenever I've needed that information faster than human monitor speed, I've tended to put in a couple of signal conditioners and a shunt so I can get DAQ sampled / aligned input. Oh, and only 1U high and half rack wide so you can pile in several in a small footprint. I also really like Acopian gold box power supplies. The programmable ones have been stable and linear enough in my experience that they can run open loop after calibrating (i.e. 1V AO = 5V supply, 10V AO = 80V supply, calculate scale and offset and you're off to the races). Again, you'd need DAQ hardware and signal conditioning to sample back voltage and current.
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    If you're looking for a particular file with a known filename, I cannot recommend enough voidtools.com Everything search tool. I seriously don't know how I got along without it. It indexes every file on fixed disk locations (takes a minute or so on first startup) and after that, it winnows through the file list as fast as you can type. Works with wildcards as well. I have mine running on startup and bound to Win+A. It's really great for finding duplicate files, projects, different DLL versions. It doesn't look inside the file at all, but for many, many needs I haven't found anything else that can touch it.

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