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  1. I do not think there is and it wouldn't really do you any good since you cannot programmatically at controls to that page. What you can do, however, is add the page with all its controls during edit, hide the page at startup, and then programmatically make it visible.
  2. Hi Folks, I am setting up subversion and have a few questions. Say I have a server at home that has all my subversion repositories on it. Now I work at with my laptop at home committing as we go. What do I do when I take the laptop to a customer and make changes there in which I want a few commit steps in between changes? Is there a way to have a local repository that syncs to a server when I get back home? Cheers, Heiko
  3. That's hilarious. Who are those guys? I assume they're Aussies?
  4. I agree with Toby. It should be consistent within LabView and therefore to default to copy. And if you think about it that would also make it sort of consistent with Windows Explorer, if you consider two projects as two different partitions/drives. Within the same project it should move (as it does) and between projects it should copy.
  5. I am running a P4 with WinXP and LV 8.5 I constantly get a 2 in the message box. I also determined that the events are fired in the correct order. First the 'value changed' event for the numeric is fired, then the 'value changed' event for the listbox is fired. I think what you are really seeing here is a classic case of race conditions. Remember that the 'value changed' event is a notification event, not a filter event, meaning it is fired after the value has changed. Since you are actually reading the listbox control (which is a completely separate event, from the value changed event) inside the numeric event handler, it depends on machine speed whether LabView has already processed the value change event of the listbox by the time the numeric event handler reads the listbox control. The main problem seems to be that both value changed events are the result of a single front panel action, meaning that clicking on the list box triggers both events. This make the 'Lock front panel until the event case for this event has completed' effectively useless since the second event has already been fired. Unfortunately LabView does not supply the 'Validating' notifier event that windows fires when the focus is about to leave the numeric control. This way you could make sure to handle the numeric value change before the listbox change occurs. I guess as a work-around you could store the list box value in a shift register every time the 'value changed' event of the listbox is handled and then use the content of the shift register to display the message in the numeric event handler. Alternatively you could check the 'Key Up' events of the numeric. However, that event would not fire if you paste in a value using the menu, and it would fire 5 times for a five digit number. As far as this being a problem, I don't think that this is a LabView bug since events are fired in the correct order. However, I can see this causing problems if you need to validate a changed value (in a control that accepts typed text) before any other values are allowed to be changed.
  6. Hi Folks, JoeLabview along with another local integrator and myself are planning to start a LabView user group in Ottawa. This would be solely organized and run by LabView users in the Canadian capital region. We plan on inviting the local NI sales rep to the meetings but we also plan on keeping these meetings from becoming NI sales pitches. As for location we will be checking with the local universities and colleges for class room availability. As for timing we are still debating time of day and frequency. Your input is welcome! We were planing on picking one or two topics per meeting each presented by one of the user group members (not necessarily us ). This could be anything from 'Tips & Tricks', in-depth discussion of features (e.g. 'Project Explorer', 'X controls', 'Libraries', 'LVOOP'), to case studies (i.e. how do you use LabView). The whole idea is to get the local LabView community talking to each other, share experiences and ideas, and hopefully to learn something new every time. I am posting this here to judge interest in this kind of 'user-run' user group. Please post a relpy or email me if you are interested. Cheers, Heiko Fettig System Integration Specialist Rivard Fettig Professional Services Inc. Heiko.Fettig@RivardFettig.com
  7. Thanks everybody. That trick with the VISA controls took care of all my driver classes. I had another class in the same project with the same problem. It did have VISA controls in its data type although within typedefed clusters. I tried playing with the VISA controls inside the typedefs but that did not fix the problem. However, when I simply made a size change to the instance of the typedef that contained all the typedefs with VISA controls it worked. I then investigated whether any typedef within the class datatype would have the same effect but it looks like the fact that it is a typedef has nothing to do with it. However, it looks like whenever you have any kind of resource control in the data type (whether in a typedef or not), e.g. VISA control, DAQ channel control, DAQmx task control, IVI control, Shared Variable control, you will run into this conversion problem between 8.2.1 and 8.5 Luckily the workaround seems to work in all cases: Change the physical dimensions of the resource control or of the instance of the typedef containing the resource control right after opening the project in 8.5. Then mass compile the project. Cheers, Heiko
  8. Thanks for the suggestion but I am happy (?) to report that it is not a cross linking problem. I did have a few of those in the 8.2 project but after carefully removing all of them I still run into the same problem. I tried your suggestion of creating a source distribution with the same result. I also managed to replicate the problem with a project that only contains one of my driver class, which does not make any external calls, i.e. the dependency list is empty. I attached the project to this post. This is how you can re-create the problem: Unzip the file Open the project file in LabView 8.2.1 -> no problems Close LV 8.2.1 Open the project file in LabView 8.5 -> no problems Do a 'Save All (this Project)' -> no problems Note that you can still see the symbols noting private VIs in the class Close the project Re-open the project Now the class shows up as '(not loaded)' I tried the same thing with 'Mass Compile...' from the project explorer (instead of the 'Save All' step) and once it worked. All other times I ran into the same problem. However, there is definitely a difference in the 'Mass Compile...' vs. 'Save All' behaviour. 'Mass compile' actually updates the lvclass file to version 8.5 whereas 'save all' leaves the lvclass file identical to version 8.2.1. I will keep investigating this. Heiko
  9. I just switched to LabView 8.5 to take advantage of the new features in the Project Explorer. Unfortunately the conversion of my project from 8.2 to 8.5 seems to have completely destroyed all of my LVOOP classes in the project. Everthing was working fine right after I opened the project, however, after saving all the VIs in the project, the next time I opened the project all class files showed up as "(not loaded)". When I right clicked on them and selected "load" some of them would load, some of them would do nothing, and some of them would crash LabView (The last time you ran LabVIEW, an internal error or crash occurred at TDUtility.cpp, line 1524.). When I double clicked on the class datat type control in the "not loaded" classes, some of them would search on disk for a file with the name of the control (although I thought the control is embedded in the lvclass file) and others would crash LabView (The last time you ran LabVIEW, an internal error or crash occurred at ctrledit.cpp, line 614.) And when I try to save my project into a different folder (duplicating everything) I get a requester saying that xxx.lvclass is not a valid LabView file. Did anyone else run into these problems? Any idea how to fix them? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Heiko Fettig
  10. Greetings, After long and stressfull delivery I am proud to introduce the newest member of my family: His name is Lukas and he weighed in at a whopping 4360g (9lb 10oz) and measured 53.5cm (21in). He's still in the hospital due to the stressful delivery but he'll hopefully come home tomorrow. Cheers, Heiko
  11. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I wouldn't mind winning the 5 days in South Africa myself. My sister won her way into the first ever trip they gave away, 48h in Kairo including open air disco in front of the pyramids. Why SWR3? I grew up listening to it on the radio (back in the days when it was still SWF3). My home town is 30 minutes from Baden-Baden, which is where their studios are. Since coming to Canada 7 years ago I am getting my fix via Webradio Cheers, Heiko
  12. Well, at least for your baby it is appropriate to listen to Schnappi. I still cannot comprehend Germany's infatuation with a children's song. But then again, my fellow countrymen never had a great taste in music.
  13. Anything that SWR3 Webradio blasts into my headphones at work. At the moment I especially like 'Femme like you' by K-Maro and 'Grass is Green' by Nelly Furtado. At home my wife keeps playing Eva Cassidy's 'Songbird' album all day. She hopes that the baby will remember it after birth and calm down whenever she plays it ... or he will start crying because he had to listen to it every day for the last four weeks and can't stand it anymore.
  14. Greetings, Is there a way to change the justification of text in a table control programmatically? Even if I have to do it one cell at a time, that would be fine. But I cannot seem to get a reference to a cell. Any ideas? Cheers, Heiko
  15. hfettig

    I'm Daddy

    Congrats Didier! It might be a little belated, but this is the first time I have come across this post If nobody beats us to it I will hopefully be able to introduce the second LAVA baby in about four weeks. And congrats Bryan! You're in for a fun ride. Don't worry, the whole morning sickness thing will go away after month three. And a little all-inclusive trip to Mexico works wonders in month five :thumbup: Cheers, Heiko
  16. What surprises me is that I cannot find a single other reference to these faces anywhere on the web. I would have expected the conspiracy theorists to be all over this
  17. Don't panic! :thumbup: All hail the King of Titan :worship:
  18. Hi Robert, You can indeed simplify it a bit by combining all 'mouse enter' and 'mouse leave' events for the same cluster into one event case. Then you can check the 'Type' of event returned (enter or leave) and react accordingly. This way you can get it down to six event cases. Cheers, Heiko Download File:post-1022-1105734514.llb
  19. Nicely done, I like the fact that the 'Prepare' VI already configures and starts all the pop-up menu VIs and the only thing that needs to be done is position them appropriately and open the frontpanel. The <disabled> and <symbol> tags are great, too. I think the simplest way to provide advanced menu manipulation, e.g. enabling/disabling items, is to write a wrapper class around the CTX MNU class that deals with the contents of the menu itself. I was also wondering whether we should we should discern between item names and item tags. It could happen that we have duplicate item names, however, we could force unique item tags. This could be handled in the array as <tag=......>. I'll volunteer to write the wrapper class if we can come to an agreement on the items mentioned above. Cheers, Heiko
  20. I get the same wallpaper on both monitors by simply selecting "stretch" in Display Properties -> Desktop.
  21. I know, but it took me two days to do the menu handler that stores all the menus and I only had one day left to implement the actual pop-ups. I'm fast, but not that fast :laugh: Also I agree with Didier, that the look and feel are details that can be easily fixed. Although the roll-out animation and the shadow might be a little tricky Sounds good to me. I like the three VI approach for basic use, especially to add the one array menu structure and the control reference to the constructor. Then for advanced and dynamic use I would suggest the following VIs: Add Item(s) to menu Delete Item(s) from menu Set Item Info (change item name, enable/disable, check/uncheck) Get Item Info Link Control to Menu (so you don't have to redefine the same menu for different controls) Unlink Control from Menu I was also wondering, whether there was a way to link a menu to columns or rows of a multicolumn listbox, or would this be over the top? Where do we go from here? Cheers, Heiko
  22. Hi Didier, Very nice implementation. Love the icons :worship: I have to check how you implemented closing child menus and going back up. So far mine doesn't do that. If you look at my code you'll see, that the popup part is mostly based on your original design. :thumbup: One thing I found when I was playing with the list box properties was, that if you set the symbol for a line to -1 a proper separator is displayed. This works even if you set display symbols to false. And you don't have to calculate the length of the separator. I also like the way you describe the whole submenu structure in one array. If you don't mind I will add that to my parser. Maybe we should join forces and develop this further. Cheers, Heiko PS.: I attached a version of my program that actually works as an llb ;-) Thanks to Jim for pointing out the bugs. Download File:post-1022-1105020889.zip
  23. Thanks, This is more or less what I thought the problem was. Just wanted to make sure I was not making some stupid mistake. I worked around it by using multiple instances of a template rather than a multiple copies of a reentrant VI. Heiko
  24. Hi Guys, I had a couple of slow days at the office and had a crack at it. Let me know what you think. I more or less created similar VIs to the menu creation for the LV menu. That way you can now create nested menus. Furthermore you can then link a control to a menu. This way you can have different menus for different controls, but also easily link 10 controls to the same menu. I tried calling my menu display recursively, however I ran into problems with events see my other post However, I managed to work around it using a template. The only thing that bugs me is that once I close a menu FP the instance of the template is still kept in memory until the main VI stops. Any ideas how to fix this? Furthermore I have to do some cleanup and some commentary. If anyone would like to draw some icons, be my guest. Cheers, Heiko Download File:post-1022-1104867276.llb
  25. Hi, I am trying to use mouse events (mouse move, up) in a reentrant VI. It works fine if I simply run the VI. But as soon as I call it from a different VI, the mouse events do not seem to work. Then I just added a Stop button on the front panel and the value change event does not seem to work either. Any suggestions? Thanks, Heiko P.S. I am running LV 7.1.1 Download File:post-1022-1104863255.vi
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