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  1. QUOTE (marp84 @ May 29 2008, 07:52 AM) you can download an eval from ni.com
  2. QUOTE (lraynal @ May 27 2008, 09:24 AM) hi is thier a chance that you post the code?? did you use the debug enviroment to debug the exe?
  3. QUOTE (Jim Kring @ May 21 2008, 03:55 PM) Well, I build my own "file explorer" - using the listbox -timo
  4. Hi, i use the following events to check the file content: Drag Starting? (alligned to the source) Drag Enter? (alligned to the target) Drop? (alligned to the target)
  5. like this idea control the data that will be indexed...
  6. hi, search the example for plotting multiple waveforms regards timo another hint: if the settings (e.g. sample rate) of all three channels are equal, you can use one DAQmx read vi to collect the meas. values. physical channels= "Dev1/ai0:2" aquires ai0, ai1 and ai2 for examples use the example finder (daq mx, analoge voltage..) -timo
  7. Hi, I ve got problems using this tool with LV 8.5. is it my fault?
  8. change the mechanical action of the button but that s not the best way to handle this problem in my programs i often use one global variable to stop all my running Loops well you can do this with queues oder notifiers - but when you have several loops (>10) you have a lot of wire work you should not use globals for all inter-loop-communications!
  9. Hi, an easy solution: you can add a global variable an write the value into (you can use a shared variable, too) another solution: using vi server, or reference the vi, get all front panel indicators and select the one you want -timo
  10. Hi, in newer DAQmx Versions (since vers. 8 - I think) you can add simulated daq cards to your device manager. perhaps you can do that in labview using the MAX API - but i think that s not what you want to do. you have to check if you can use daqmx with LV 6.1 -timo
  11. i found this on the ni ftp: http://ftp.ni.com/outgoing/lv_8_5_1/
  12. Hi, what about creating sub vis for each "block diagramm group" making the code more readable -timo
  13. HI, here s the hint: VI => Properties => Windows Run Time Position hope this short hint helps timo btw: of course you can do that by propertie nodes
  14. T_Schott

    Cable rack?

    QUOTE(orko @ Feb 22 2008, 07:14 PM) the german word for a leaf rake is "laub rechen" and i think a cable rack looks like an upturned leaf rake (ask for a rake at home depot )
  15. T_Schott

    Cable rack?

    Hi, in a german it s called "Kabelrechen" => "cable rake" kabelrechen you can buy this from rsonline.de (german shop) http://de.rs-online.com/web/search/searchB...amp;x=0&y=0
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