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  1. I think there was also a "snippet" example where a section of code could be added by drag and drop from a palette. This was a neat feature described in an issue of LTR. If I remember next time I am near my copies I'll see if I can dig it out. cheers, Alex
  2. Thanks for the update Michael. Would it possible for you to place an announcement on this site when the new list is up and running. I am leaving my current job and have been wondering why I cannot seem to susbscribe my new email address. It all seems to be happening for the better ;-)
  3. Sorry Jack, didn't mean to imply that you were complaining. I am interested in the RT stuff as a general platform for embedded programs and I know that some of you guys do things way better than I could. I am interested in finding out the best methods for comms (ie if there are better ways than setting up your own server, etc). BTW has anyone played much with the LabVIEW 7 RT Express communications stuff. Does this give more flexibility? cheers, Alex.
  4. I found this one today. Looks like it is "expected" behaviour because it is present in LabVIEW 5.11 too. Sigh could have saved me 2 hours of pain. Connect an empty 1 D array out through a FOR loop (indexing), thus creating a 2D array at the output. Create an indicator and get the "Array Sizes" of the array. Wire "N" of the loop with any number and run the VI. Note that the first element of the sizes matches "N" of the FOR loop, but the array in fact is empty! I can understand this in terms of the logic (ie the FOR loop does execute N times), but still reckon it should return 0 for the size o
  5. [Advert] ICON Technologies have a low-cost toolkit that does this stuff too ;-) www.icon-tech.com.au
  6. I should have said that the 125Hz was on a compact Fieldpoint controller; obviously you could get much better out of a PXI version ;-)
  7. Maybe it does at the lowest level. It would be nice to program using GOOP, but it does come with an overhead, and maybe that would be prohibitive on the PDA.
  8. Or for neater code (but not necessarily better code) use references to each of your booleans, write a "handler" that switches the non clicked to false and have your event case handler all the events for each of those booleans. cheers, Alex.
  9. I am interested in your TCPIP appraisal under RT. We've done several RT applications both on PXI and RT and have used TCPIP for all comms. We've written our own server that runs on the RT just fine. Maybe we've missed the point here or you guys approach it differently to us, but TCPIP under RT was fine. However I must admit that our most of our applications are embedded not RT'ed and if you RT them you need to make allowance for "extra" time just as you would under a windows PC. If you set the deterministic loop really tight, then there are no spare cycles for the comms loop (low priority). i
  10. I have played a little with the new PDA module. It doesn't allow GOOP objects (I have only tested this on Palm, not PocketPC). Is this because occurrences don't work on the Palm? Anyone have any clues? cheers, Alex.
  11. Thanks Michael. Just have to find a PC with outlook, but that won't be too hard. cheers, Alex.
  12. Wahoo! Now if someone could send me the digests for Oct17 onwards ... cheers, Alex.
  13. I haven't seen any postings since Oct 17. I guess the list has been destroyed. Is their anyway of getting a posting out to all the listers so that we know what's going on with either Info-LabVIEW or a LAVA replacement? cheers, Alex.
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