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  1. Hi, I've installed your addon in LV2011 (RGT 2011) and it works fine in the IDE. But when creating an executable using the RGT (only for Microsoft Word) the application throws an error 2208 and doesn't execute on a machine without the full development system. Can anybody confirm this? Regards, Bastian
  2. Hello Norm, yes, I've play around with the settings in control panel but without any success. I'll try the lvspeak on a german vista pc. When did you, or anybody, get the dictionary error? regards bastian
  3. Hi Norm, I'm trying your tool on a german windows xp sp3. But when starting the LVSpeak engine I always run into the problem, not beeing able to load the grammar in the "MS_Speech - Load Grammar.vi" The error is: Error 1172: Inner Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Die Sprache für die Grammatik entspricht nicht der Sprache des Spracherkennungsmoduls. ) in MS_Speech - Load Grammar.vi->ENGINE - LVSpeak.vi aufgetreten in english: The language for the grammar is not the language of the speech recognition module Did you find any solution for the grammar problem? regards, bastian
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