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  1. Hey guys, I'm forwarding this thread to a couple of guys on our web platforms team, as it's a good question we should consider for ni.com and LabVIEW product. I'm not well-versed on the licensing issue so I need to do more homework. But I do agree we should try to leverage ALL community content, be it hosted on NI Community, lava.org or any social platform. And by "leverage," I mean use for increasing LabVIEW productivity and proficiency (not making money).
  2. Hey guys - I'm planning on promoting this on Tuesday of NIWeek as the top unofficial NIWeek party from @NIWeek. Any objections? Want to make sure you guys get some #NIWeek love.
  3. Val - I loved your comment on the blog. Well said. Here's the LinkedIn group where the discussion originated: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Test-Measurement-World-2196932/about?trk=anet_ug_grppro It's classified as Private, so the group managers have to grant you membership before you can see anything. You'll need to request to join. For anyone doing test applications, it's probably a good group to subscribe to.
  4. Hey guys - here's another "LabVIEW alternatives" post online that is just getting rolling: http://www.tmworld.c...substitute_.php Feel free to chime in - the main topic is LabVIEW vs VEE, which I'm sure you guys can offer some sound advice on. Also - is anyone a member of the LinkedIn group that Martin mentions? I made a request to join, but never got approval. I'm sure there's a long conversation going on there as well. Let me know if I need to break the door down.
  5. Thanks for sharing the deep dive, Daklu. I'm sure this review will be helpful for any robotics designer considering a graphical approach to programming. I know first hand that a roboticist has to have at minimum a working knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science / engineering and controls engineering. So a graphical programming language (or visual programming language, depending on who you're asking) can be a life-saver in terms of building and deploying sophisticated code. It was not too long ago that NI was developing our first "flavor" of LabVIEW - LabV
  6. Just want to chime in here – I’m NI’s social business manager and a stakeholder in LabVIEW’s brand reputation on the social web. It’s my job to tune into online conversations that mention LabVIEW and help advise on why/how NI may need to take any direct action. The infamous LabVIEW hate blog post you guys found provides a fascinating case study for how one simple complaint on an obscure blog about nothing can turn into a brand reputation crisis. You’ve noticed that Todd Sierer chimed in on the blog several years ago. Little did we know the blog comments would continue to snowball into somethi
  7. Wow. I had no idea April Fool's was celebrated in that part of the world, let alone on a different day of April. I'm also loving the augmented reality spoof. I can just see it now: we can get JeffK to put on a pair of RayBans as the feature photo... So basically - I'm getting the feedback that NI needs to do more pranks, in general, right? Coming right up...
  8. Hey guys, Emilie here - for those of you who don't know me, I'm the new Social Business Manager at NI (i.e. the new "Deirdre") I saw this conversation come up in one of our social monitors last night. I too was bummed to see we didn't have our annual April Fool's press release. I contacted one of my buddies who usually helps come up with the yearly pranks. He said NI decided to sit this year out since the 1st fell on a Sunday. They figured it might get lost in the weekend lull. Hmph. Although I like Aristos' explanation better. Perhaps NI should simply claim the following excuse: "Some
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