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  1. Did you get any hit on that? I don't know any thing about RFC, but I need to use it. Can you point me to the right direction? I have the following. I got the following from my IT department: 1. Remote Function Call (RFC) link 2. Response file for field mapping purpose 3. Reuqest file for field mapping purpose My question is how do I call RFC in LabVIEW. It is a remote function call on our SAP system. It is not a web serice, since the link doesn't end with WSDL, so I do not know how to deal with it. Thanks!
  2. NO, the circuit will not breakdown under 16V regardless. Since the diodes are in series, if a breakdown were to occur, both diode must break down. Think about this way, when Diode A breakdown, that means a high current would pass through Diode A. If Diode B is connected in series with Diode A and a high current is going through on Diode A, the same current must go through for Diode B as well. If high current has to go through Diode B, that means Diode B must breakdown as well. Yik
  3. Hi Sajib, Keep up the effort. I think you are doing fine. Stepping out to ask for help when you need it is a huge step forward. Please feel free to let us know if you have any more questions. Yik
  4. Hi Ben, I am preparing for my CLD as well. I am going to take it this friday at AL. I ran into the same problem as well. I guess you were working on the car wash example. I attached my take on the timer with pause, since the timer in the car wash example is too complicated. I added a few more states. Here is a usual call sequence of the function globel when you use it: start timer -> check timer -> pause timer -> restart timer -> check timer. This is not the most eligant solution, but it should do.
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