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  1. Buried inside LabVIEW's resource files are several resources with the type "TMPL". They contain information that looks like it could be incredibly helpful in figuring out the structure of many of LabVIEW's internal resources. They're in a binary format, but it's quite trivial to parse, so I quickly put together a tool for loading and viewing them. Template Viewer.zip For more information, see this page, which appears to describe the same format: https://www.mathemaesthetics.com/ResTemplates.html (Change the URL from https to http; the forum won't let me add http links for some reason
  2. https://www.pearson.ch/download/media/9780130153623.pdf

    (Page 122) Actually, "monnie pleaser" is the 5-2-2-2-5 connector pane. "super monnie pleaser" is the first of the two shown, and the second is "monnie would be pleased-er".

  3. lvobject.rsc, "Cosm" resources, Write Palette w/ path = "BUILT_IN_FUNC_%d_0_8_Cosmetic"

    VirtualBox_Windows 10_20_09_2020_16_05_40.png

  4. Okay, well thank you very much regardless! I seriously appreciate the effort you both put in!
  5. Maybe; I've never played Factorio. My question might apply to that too.
  6. As we all know, automating industrial systems is a huge use case for LabVIEW. As it happens, building these types of systems in Minecraft (with varying levels of realism) is a popular activity among players of mod packs like Feed The Beast, which add a lot of high-tech craftables to the game. Which makes me wonder: has anyone tried using LabVIEW to control factories in Minecraft? You could probably set something up pretty easily with a mod like ComputerCraft or OpenComputers, which allows for opening network connections. Just write a program in-game to communicate with something in LabVIEW and
  7. Thanks! I'll be sure to post here if I find a way too. Might be able to do some cool stuff with the VI data space as well, once I read up on what that's about. Cool to see more people interested in exploring LabVIEW's attic
  8. That's very interesting, thanks! However, I tried it and it doesn't give me the pointer I needed. Unless I'm doing something wrong?
  9. That is, to get the address that would be shown in the Heap Peek window. I doubt there's an official way to do it, but is anyone aware of a private method or named internal function to do it? I'm sure I could locate the reference table in memory and look it up there, but I'm not sure if there's any way to obtain the address for that in as much of a version-agnostic way as possible. (And yes, I know the internal structures at those addresses are subject to change regardless. But ideally I'd like some way to do it that won't break just because a minor unrelated patch happened to place something
  10. I've never experienced that myself, but that's probably because I've only ever tried running it in a VM.
  11. Ah right, I forgot about that. Though I swear I remember using a trial version on my Mac at some point back when I used one. I wonder though, do they really need anything elaborate for a license manager? I doubt it would be difficult to put something together from scratch. I guess it wouldn't necessarily be worth the effort for a free product though—hell, I wasn't expecting them to ever give away LabVIEW for noncommercial hobbyist use at all, as much as I hoped they would. I already filled out the Site Feedback form reporting it as a bug, but I guess if nothing else it'll make them a
  12. It specifically says "previous versions" in the message.
  13. It seems to think that LabVIEW 2020 isn't the latest version, saying an SSP subscription is required to download it. My guess is there's a bug where it thinks "2020 Patch" is the latest, even though it requires "2020" in order to install. Still though, it doesn't have Community Edition. But it does make me wonder about something: IIRC the only reason they don't have it available for Linux is because of technical issues with the license manager, rather than any desire to force people to use Windows. So if I were to download a different edition for Linux and crack it to work without a licen
  14. I've tried both NXG and 2020 (both Community Edition) and get the same problem: the "NI Package Manager" window appears, but it's solid black, and just hangs. I know LabVIEW probably wasn't designed with Wine in mind, but is anyone aware of a fix? It would be nice to run it on Linux without all the overhead of a VM.
  15. "Fill in the blank: My favorite thing about #LabVIEW is _____."


  16. I hope so. It would be nice to not have to bother with a VM.
  17. Seeing as you're the admin, is there any way you can set up a redirect? Maybe something on the site where you can paste a URL and have it find the current link?
  18. Isn't there an optional ability VI you can add to an XControl that will modify the state before saving? It says it's specifically for this purpose.
  19. Aww, that's a shame. It would still be nice to get it added to LabVIEW though; then it will be possible to use this framework without adding a big dependency. New data types sound exciting though; are you allowed to say what they are? (A hint at least?)
  20. @X___: I'm curious, how did you make that class wire look like that? I know how to do it; I'm just curious if you used my tool to do it.
  21. I haven't used this toolkit much but I'm using a Windows 7 VM as well and I haven't noticed any issues.
  22. This'll be a feature in the next version. Also wtf, those six characters in the screenshot filename just came from an RNG
  23. In any application where a GPIB connection error is not fatal, there may as well not even be a warning. :p

  24. When I mentioned manually manipulating the resources I was actually thinking something like #3. Well to be more precise, I was picturing my own tool (linked in my signature) that can do the same thing, but NI certainly has their own that they use, that's probably better than mine. (lets hope it leaks :p)
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