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  1. I hope so. It would be nice to not have to bother with a VM.
  2. Seeing as you're the admin, is there any way you can set up a redirect? Maybe something on the site where you can paste a URL and have it find the current link?
  3. Isn't there an optional ability VI you can add to an XControl that will modify the state before saving? It says it's specifically for this purpose.
  4. Aww, that's a shame. It would still be nice to get it added to LabVIEW though; then it will be possible to use this framework without adding a big dependency. New data types sound exciting though; are you allowed to say what they are? (A hint at least?)
  5. @X___: I'm curious, how did you make that class wire look like that? I know how to do it; I'm just curious if you used my tool to do it.
  6. I haven't used this toolkit much but I'm using a Windows 7 VM as well and I haven't noticed any issues.
  7. This'll be a feature in the next version. Also wtf, those six characters in the screenshot filename just came from an RNG
  8. In any application where a GPIB connection error is not fatal, there may as well not even be a warning. :p

  9. When I mentioned manually manipulating the resources I was actually thinking something like #3. Well to be more precise, I was picturing my own tool (linked in my signature) that can do the same thing, but NI certainly has their own that they use, that's probably better than mine. (lets hope it leaks :p)
  10. I'd think you used this but I don't think it works in LV 2017. Did you manually pull the VI from lvdialog.rsc and copy the FPHP to a new VI?
  11. Here's a shortcut menu plugin I wrote that does something I've found myself needing every now and then. You select some objects, right-click, select "Ad-Hoc Scripting", and then it'll open a new VI with pre-populated refnums in a cluster. All selected objects with a label (even a hidden one) will be included in the cluster, as will a refnum to the VI, its panel, and its diagram. Ad-Hoc VI Scripting.llb
  12. Yes, that's what I meant. If it's being added as a native LabVIEW feature, then maybe NI will add this functionality. I'm asking whether or not they will, as it seems obvious that they would if they were developing the feature from the start, and it would be a shame if they didn't. I'd like to know what they have planned. Also, what about clusters and arrays?
  13. In that case I'm hoping for 2020, because what you're saying makes it sound like SP1 would mean the stuff I'm asking for isn't there.
  14. How long do these things usually take to go through? Is this likely to be in LV 2019 if it's accepted? Or more likely not until 2020? (or later?)
  15. Yeah but I want the best of both worlds, extending existing controls while also being able to use it via just a block diagram terminal. Also I'd like something I can put in an array or cluster; XControls can't do that and I don't think QControls can either. I've actually been meaning to see if I can figure that out, lol. I already know how you would load a control from a DLL: there's a hidden "Plug-In Control" object that, when placed via scripting or a modified palette, allows you to load a DLL from the context menu. You can place it via my Place by Style Quick Drop plugin. Incidentally an uninitialized plug-in control is the only way I know of to get a control with "void" as its type. (And I don't mean empty clusters or void arrays.)
  16. Wow, I love that idea, and it's great to see there's already an NI employee on board with it. I posted a comment on it; I'll quote it here:
  17. Yep. What do you mean specifically? Very observant! This is making use of an obscure, probably unsupported feature in LabVIEW called an "External Editor Wizard". The only official one that exists to my knowledge is the State Diagram Editor, which works similar to the Statechart Module (which, incidentally, is what the functions supporting the editable embedded diagram were built for) but it has fewer features and is available for free. The way External Editor Wizards work is you place one from the palette, and draw a box like with a structure. Then a VI generates some stuff with scripting, and it opens an editor to manipulate the code. You could call it a type of "Express Structure"—it works like an Express VI, with how you can configure it, except it exists as multiple objects in a structure on a block diagram, instead of as a single node. From what I can tell, the structure can be of any type, except a Flat Sequence Structure, as for some reason that doesn't descend from the Structure class. (I'm using a stacked sequence here, as with only one frame it looks and acts identically.) It appears that this feature was never intended to be used for anything other than the State Diagram Editor, as if I right-click the structure and select Properties, it tells me I can't edit the properties because the structure was created by the State Diagram Editor. As it happens, I think I actually thought of a better way to get this same functionality, that doesn't even rely on anything unsupported. So I'm probably just going to do that. I'll still release this (incomplete) version when I get home from work though, just so you all can see how it works.
  18. https://gfycat.com/formalgentlelemming Not this particular use of it of course, but just in general. Sorry the cursor isn't there; you can still easily see what's going on though. EDIT: I rewrote this as a shortcut menu plugin that just opens a regular block diagram window: Here's the old version in case anyone wants to play around with the External Editor Wizard stuff, or my subpanel diagram code: Old AHS Editor.zip
  19. Wouldn't it be convenient if there was something like a structure you could place, where you could open a window with a temporary block diagram to do some random VI scripting you'll only need once?

  20. Just pretend it means you're one of the Knights. :p
  21. From old URL's like this one for instance: http://forums.lavausergroup.org/index.php?showtopic=1524 It's not on archive.org. I figure it's safe to assume the staff wouldn't have deleted all the old stuff, so where is it?
  22. There's a private method on the Application class called Enable External Proptypes, that has a single Boolean "Enable" input. The description says "Enable or disable external G-based proptypes call". That sounds interesting; it makes me think perhaps it's another hidden, likely-buggy method for doing internal LabVIEW stuff in G, like XNodes/External Nodes, or External Editor Wizards (like the State Diagram Toolkit.) I'm pretty sure "proptypes" is an abbreviation referring to type propagation, so that could be fun to mess with. Anyone have any ideas?
  23. OK, thanks; I guess there probably isn't anything special that needs to be done then in order to enable it. Or is there some kind of special configuration you've done that might have enabled it? Weird how no one else seems to have noticed it, and also interesting that they'd add it now. Unless they didn't mean to put it in the released version :p
  24. @ShaunR, I just realized it says you're using LabVIEW 2009. Is this the version you checked for that menu item in? Maybe it wasn't added until a later version.
  25. I recommend selecting "Use Verbose Tagged Text" from the XML menu. Then it actually won't be XML you're editing, but something that's a lot easier to skim through. Odd. It worked when I tried it. What version of LabVIEW are you using?
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