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  1. Hi to everybody, How I can print an image sending data to a printer? I want also launch printer driver for configure the printer before to print the image. Is this possible in Labview? I'm using Labview 8.6.1. Thank you for your attention.
  2. Thank you for your reply but it isn't what I want to do. I need to check a custom control (right-click) shortcut menu. Controls don't have the menu ref in "shortcut menu selection (user)", I forgot to tell you that my control is a tree control. I'm working for find the solution and may be I found it. When I'll finish my code I'll post it for share it with everybody.
  3. Hi to All, I need to create a custom shortcut menu that will become checked (or disable) when user click on it. I saw the Set Menu Item Info function in user-menu palets but I don't understand how I can use it. Can somebody tell me how I can use it?
  4. SciWare thanks for your replay, with the example you've suggested me, my 6281 DAQ board is working but not very good. At 40kHz I receive a worning (200040) that alert me that the clock rate is too hi for the board. I don't understand why; the clock rate I had set after the mathematic calculation as shown in example you've suggested me is 1,8E+6 and, as you indicate me in the post before, my DAQ board can work at 2,8E+6. Is this right? Can I set 2,00E+6 as value in clock rate node for the NI-6281? Why I receive that worning? I'm sorry for my english, I hope you can understand my exposition of the problem.
  5. Hi guys, I want to generate exactly 40kHz sine waveform on my PXI NI-6281 DAQ board. How I can do that? Some one can help me? I saw a lot of examples but I have some difficult to understand if my board can generate that signal. Can 6281 generate 40kHz sine signal? Thanks to all for future replay.
  6. You are right, maybe I don't readout all data from the buffer. So, why does this error occurs only when I use the pc rs232 and doesn't occur when I use usb-adapter? In my code for determinate how many bytes are on the buffer I use (as you) the "byte at ports node", after I read the buffer with "serial read function" and at the end I use the "flush receive buffer" for be sure that the buffer was all read and clean.
  7. Hi Crelf, I did what you suggest me, now I want to know: how the moderator will responds to me?
  8. I'm sorry to All, I forgot to wrote the error code that application return back. So, it become more difficult for yuo to help me. This is the error that return from my application: Error -1073807253 occurred at VISA Read in COM_Port_Handler.vi->Serial_CORE_Engine.vi->Main.vi Possible reason(s): VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF006B) A framing error occurred during transfer. I opened a ticket with NI and an engineer answered me that this happen becouse there are noise on the line and I loose some information on the package. But, I don't understand why this happen for normal RS232 pc port and don't happen with FTDI USB converter. I use only one line and one software. For who want to try to read the ticket, this is the address: http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=7170&message.id=2065 but it is in italian. For the moment I resolved the problem cleaning it. P.S. Sorry to all for my bad eanglish.
  9. Hi All, I built a software that comunicate wiht electronic system by visa drivers: it work good if I use it with rs232-usb converter but, work bad if I use it direct with the rs232 pc port. Can anyone tell me why?
  10. Hi to All, I think to found the solution at my problem in this hold topic: http://lavag.org/top...__fromsearch__1; but I have some problems to download the examples shown there. How I can download those VIs?
  11. Hi to All, Happen that I need to create unknow numbers of controls in my application front pannel. I wish I can programmatically load custom controls without know the number of them before to create my front pannel. Example: I want to create custom controls that take his property from text file; each line in text file is one control, the controls are grouoping in cluster of controls. I know that I easy create an Array-Controls that contain my custom controls and that I can insert it in TAB-Page of TAB-Control but, how I can add Tab-pages as first one I created if user add cluster controls in text-file? For this kind of problems I wish NI will add some methods that can help developer for programmatically add controls to application front pannel as other oop programming languages. Thank to all, and sorry for my english.
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