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  1. Hi mje, First of all, thank you for your prompt reply. I'm using the application builder to build my exe. I thought that, as with the other funtions incorporated in LV, It wasn't neccessary to indicate that library to the APP-Builder specifically. Perhaps that was the error! I'm going to try again and if it shows me the error again, I will store the immage of the message and I will post it to you! Thanks. Best reguards.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm using the Mean.VI (got from the probability & statistic palette) in the main.vi of my software. Although everything is working properly while I'm in the development enviroment, when I launch the exe of my software the LV-Runtime returns to me an error "the MAIN.VI cannot be loaded". It seems to be a bug of Labview, has someone had the same problem? Why does this? Thank you in advance.
  3. I have to trobleshoot that problem....!!!

  4. Hi Guys, I'm an Italian developer engineer, I set near Milan and with this topic I want to offer my availability to anyone needs a labview software developer who is resident in the Europe region. You can contact me by email at the address r.ghiani@softwareprojects.it or by skype at info.softwareprojects. Best Regards. Ricky.
  5. I'm sorry I know that can be a stupid question but, do you have enabled the editing with the "Allow editing cells" property? I'm asking you this because enabling this property I don't have the behaviour you are having when you click on the cell you want to edit. With that property enabled when I click on the cell I want to edit I enter in editing mode immediately, and the tree control keeps the position.
  6. Look at this: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/D6F5480F7F3E9CAD8625778F00652246 Hoping it answers your question!
  7. Dear All, I would like to know if there is an open source version of labview for linux system and if it is where I can find it. Does someone know these information? Thank you in advance.....
  8. I suggest reading this topics: http://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-9080 http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/3672 may they can help you.
  9. But are you sure that you have to pass the parameter as pointer? Did you try to pass the cluster without converting it as pointer?
  10. Hi Milchbilch Did you try to reinstall LV 2009 and all its issues?
  11. Hi Dan, thank you for your suggestion, I followed the instruction that are described in that topic but unfortunately it still doesn't work. I can't understand where I'm making mistake. Do you know if there is any other document that describe what I have to do to control the application exe with an external VI?
  12. Hi All, Does anyone know how access to the controls of a labview application (exe) from an external VI, using the VI-Server technique?
  13. Yes sure Such as you can see near the byte converter there is a watch.... what does it means? Why did it appar? The code is working correctly, I only want to know what that symbol means!
  14. Hi All, Sometime in my code, near some functions, is showed a watch. Why does it happen? What does it means exactly?
  15. Hi Babyespades, I think it is possible. I have never worked with SQL database but I found a lot of documents that describe how you can connect to it with the different LV versions. You can see those documents at: http://search.ni.com/nisearch/app/main/p/bot/no/ap/tech/lang/it/pg/2/sn/catnav:ex,ssnav:dzn/q/Database%20Connectivity%20Toolkit/searchScope/en%2Cit/
  16. Thank you for your support hooovahh, Yes, this isn't the right way for resolve my problem but you gave me an idea to get my goal. I'm working with clusters and the code that you suggest me don't work good with them. So, to reach my goal I built a xControl with a special fuunction that controls the target of the focus. I get the reference of the control that have the focus searching inside the controls[] array property of the selected cluster and when the user press the [TAB] button I redirect the focus to the same control in the next cluster. The face of the xControl like an array but it isn't an array, inside the array I can't control the focus of the fields of the cluster. I copied your function to control the movement effect with the scollbar and it work very good. This is all. Thank you very much for your support..... Have a nice day.
  17. Hi to All, I want to redirect a TAB pressure on a control that is contained into a cluster that is an element of an array. When the user press the TAB control I want the focus on the following array elemet. How can I do that? I tryed to catch the key-down? event and the key-down event on the array element but it doesn't work as aspected. Obviously I can't catch the cluster event becouse it's containing into the array. Is there another way to do what I want to do?
  18. Thank you to all for your replies. I resolved the problem inserting in the NI_ChannelName attribute the name of the waveform I had built with a specific function. I'm showing the NI_ChannelName that contain the name of the waveform shape into a string indicator on the FP. It works good. Thanks again for your replies.
  19. Hi to ALL, How can I determine a shape of a waveform? You know the waveforms could have different shapes, I mean sine, triangle, swatooth and so on. I know the input waveform and I want to build a function that return the shape (as a string or enum data) of the input waveform. How can I do that?
  20. Thank you All for your support, The first problem that I found was that I was trying to generate the arbitrary waveform with DAQmx, unfortunately I'm using ADLINK PXI so the driver wasn't correct. I have downloaded the correct driver (DAQPilot) and now I can generate the waveform but I found a new problem. Before generating the whole long waveform I'm try to generate test waveform more short than the long one. The shorter waveform is composed from a sine and triangle waveforms and it's long only 400msec. I don't know why but my PXI generate only one shoot of the whole waveform and if I try again it doesn't genrete it again, this is random problem. I warned ADLINK support and I'm waiting their reply. Meanwhile I want to tell thank you everybody. I'll write you their reply. Thank you.
  21. Ok, I have changed the <Finite Samples> settig with <Continous Samples> but it still doesn't work. I also tryed with connecting the waveform to DAQmx Timing function setted in "Use Waveform", but the result was the same before. For your question, I showing the waveform in FP waveform chart control and it appears as I'm expecting.
  22. Than you for your prompt reply. Ok, you are right. I attached an immage with my waveform and with its details. After I built the component of my waveform with LV waveform functions generation, I merge them with WDT Append Waveforms DBL function. Therefore I give the new waveform to my DAQmx driver but it generate only the first part of total waveform (the sine waveform). I have configured my DAQmx Timing with <Finite samples>, with 1M as rate and with 100k as samples per channel. I use only one channel of the daq-board. What is the best technique for generate one waveform such as the waveform shown in the attachment?
  23. Hi to All I want to generate a composed waveform using the DAQmx. The waveform that I need to generate is composed from many "normal" waves (sine wave + square wave + ramp) and it can be very long. I tryed to generate it using the tecnique explained into online help but it doesn't work good. How I can generate waveform comosed as mine?
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