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  1. Hi Fellow LabVIEW Developers, I am looking for one or two analog frame grabber by NI (PXI 1411). I prefer PXI format, but if you have PCI, please let me know. If you have one and are willing to sell it please contact me directly. Hamid.Yazdi@yahoo.com Hamid.Yazdi@us.bosch.com Regards Hamid Yazdi
  2. " I don't see a scenario where an all-hybrid chassis would be helpful unless you're going to be constantly reorganizing hardware. " This is exactly the point. One may need to do exactly that. This is the scenario, you are working on "validation" (and not end of line testing) of a product A. You have a batch of x number of product A, you run your "validation" tests and provide the report back to Engineering Dept. and your job is done! Now you have product B coming along for Validation. All you have to do is to swap (change) a few cards and load validation program for product B, and voila yo
  3. It is interesting to hear that the "cooling" in 21st Century can be a problem! In fact this was a sales pitch of Agilent Salesman. He said that you must leave a gap of at least 1U on top and 1U on bottom on NI-Chassis, whereas Agilent one will be perfectly fine without any gap, due to the superior cooling techniques!? I will be able to test this when I get a loaner Agilent on! Cheers Hamid
  4. Dear List Members, My Boss has asked me to look into new Agilent PXI Chassis and compares it with NI Chassis. The Agilent Salesman provides a list of "superior" performance items, such as: - All slots are hybrid (not like NI that some of them are hybrid) - two 4GB paths (effectively 8GB) for data transfer (as opposed to 2.5 GB for NI Chassis) - Existing of Timing card? and Trigger line? that is more superior than NI? - Better cooling methodology - "Free" Agilent Test Exec Software module I have not had a chance to test this Chassis yet and would like to ask independent opinion of the
  5. Hi, I need to buy an analog (color) frame grabber (NI of course). I prefer 1411 but if you have 1405 that will be useful too. Please email me directly (hamid.yazdi@yahoo.com) if you have one and are willing to sell. Thanks Hamid Yazdi
  6. Hi, I just transferred some fund to my Paypal account (it says it takes 3-5 days for the transaction to be cleared). So as soon as I get the confirmation, I'll buy the ticket . Regards Hamid Yazdi
  7. I gotta go down to the lab and do some real work! Again...

  8. Norm; Why all these pictures are so cruel. I will not get (and buy) them at all! Can you draw something related to mankind, love, peace, help, respect, etc. I am a parent and would not like to wear such T shirts! Regards Hamid
  9. Michael and the rest of LAVA team; Thank you very much for the hard work. See you at NI-Week! Regards Hamid
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