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  1. What is wrong with using Datasocket for OPC? I use it all the time and it works great.
  2. I would like to collect some examples of Labview front ends for either scripting language. I would like to develop an interactive scriping vi that would allow me to load new scripts into a table or tree display and see a highlighted execution. (Hey maybe even breakpoints too.) I tried this a few months ago with LabPython and came close but could never get it to work correctly.
  3. I am interested to find out how others are using scripting languages such as Python (LabPython), Lua (LuaView) etc. for applications involving multi-head testing and instrument control. I am particularly interested in hybrid approaches where a script can be invoked by a labview application and that script can also invoke test functions or instrument control vi's. Also where a main vi might have a state machine that is being sequenced by script commands via tcpip messaging. I am very interested in learning from others who have been using LabPython. One area of interest is how to expand the existing LabPython model so that it will work with multiple script threads. I imagine it would be possible for each Labview client to implant an identifier in the server script thread so that the tcpip port or messages could be unique. That way there would not be a fixed port for LabPython.
  4. I think this one will finally work. Download File:post-10-1073107005.zip
  5. Attached is an example that demonstrates how to get native UNDO functionality in a built application. I am doing a few extra things to the RT menus in order to preserve the use of user defined menus in the application. It seems that the UNDO functionality that has been hidden in the Runtime can only be elicited if the default RT menus are instated and hidden Download File:post-10-1073106893.zip
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