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  1. AQ I will try again today and see if i can replicate it.... Dan
  2. FragRz I didn't mean the private Method you referred to , I was talking about the when you have LV open and go to Tools -> Compare -> Compare VI Hierarchies... Dan
  3. Well , since I installed the evaluation version of LV2018 i played around with the Compare VI Hierarchies tool , it actually does everything I need ... But , be cautious using it at first when Creating a Report , it did the webpage report just fine , when I tried to create a Word Doc it failed , AND , deleted everything in the directory it was supposed to save the Word doc in , luckily I was using the Temp directory so it wasn't a big issue , in fact on a second try at it , it deleted the Temp directory too , not just the contents... As I said I am using the evaluation version , so ,
  4. FragRz I have the evaluation version of 2018 , so i looked into the 'User Interaction:Compare VIs XML and it does just what I need .... I will have to wait until we upgrade to utilize it ... Thanks Dan
  5. After much googling I think I know the answer , but , I will ask here... I need to write a utility to compare vi's in a large project , and probably future projects.. Automating the Compare Hierarchy is pretty simple , but , I need to go one step farther and and show the differences circled then saved as a jpeg etc.... As of now there doesn't appear to be a way to automate showing the differences , it will be a real pain to have to do it all manually ... We are currently using LV 2012 , but , will be upgrading to either 18/19 soon... Dan
  6. Well , your memory is working , I went back and disabled the part that replaces the DD control , and it works as expected , I think I will just rename it ... the 2 others on the front panel are of the Default class , (In/out) , it appears I have to replace them as I get the Connector pane doesn't match on the DD vi's if I don't .... it works , so now I will move on to the next issue on my list , I may come back and revisit it at a later date to see if I am doing something not quite correct... Dan
  7. Yep , basically all I did ... if I don't change the controls , it doesn't work correctly , I will investigate a little more and see if I can eliminate that step... Dan
  8. Ok , I decided to start over , turns out there is an invoke node LVClassLIbrary.Save a copy... this copies everything to a new directory , then I just need to replace the control(s) , set the parent and save the whole thing using Save All This Project.vi.... works perfect ... thanks for the pointers .... Dan
  9. Ok , I would like to programmatically copy a Default class and a Default Test.vi to another folder say , XYZ , rename the Default Test.vi to XYZ.vi, then change its DD terminal from the default class to the newly created XYZ.lvclass and add it to the project. I currently can do everything I need to do , except , after changing the XYZ parent to the Default class I copied it from , add it to the project etc.... When I try to open the newly created/renamed XYZ.vi from the project I get a dialog box that says , "Default.lvclass:XYZ.vi" is at the expected path but it is part of a lib
  10. Well , I closed LV down and restarted it and opened the project , now I can do a save as and preserve the inheritance , no clue why it didn't work yesterday , but , seems go to go now.... Dan
  11. I have a class that I would like to copy (up to 70 times) and keep its inheritance on each copy , I tried doing a save as but , that didn't work.... just trying to avoid re-creating this dozens of times , the main reason for doing it this way is to take advantage of DD , and that we can override a couple of the instances ... Dan
  12. Well as usual , after I post on a public forum , I figured it out , not sure if it is the best way , but , it works... I create the half sine arbitrary file , load it up to be "played" , set trigger to external , set burst count to 1 , then when I need the pulse I use a software force trigger command... Dan
  13. I am totally new to Arb's , I need to output a single pulse of a half sine wave .... how does one go about that ? TIA Dan
  14. Hooov I was kind of worried about that .... I have already started down the road of populating as the user clicks on the control... I wish there was a more elegant way of doing this , but , I can deal with it this way .... Or if a Multi Column list box would allow you to highlight different cells in columns I could work with that too... My limited messing with the multi column list box it didn't appear I can do that either... Thanks Dan
  15. Ok I must be overlooking/overthinking this , but , I have an array with a cluster that has a String control and a Combo box that needs to get populated .... I cant seem to get the combo box to populate properly... how does one go about setting the string values of the combo box in each cluster/array element , every element gets populated with different data. Thanks Dan
  16. I have not messed with complex numbers in probably 30 years or more... I have a snippet of Matlab code that I need to wire up asap , I made a couple of feeble attempts and decided to ask the experts. I need a wiring soluition for this: exp(sqrt(-1)*angles) I assume it is pretty simple? TIA Dan
  17. Hi All I am hoping someone here has some ideas for me on this one , I need to measure velocity of gas (in this case air) through a pipe , that's easy enough , however , the temperature of the gas ranges from 100C to about 1200C and from maybe 10 m/s up to ~120 m/s. Any Ideas ? Dan
  18. Hello All I have been away from LV programming for some time other than some quick DAQ stuff to solve a problem , well , I am back into a couple of projects and since I am starting anew I will go the LVOOP route. I used LVOOP in its early days and drove Stephen nuts back then , so , to spare him even more frustration I will ask the experts here. This is very basic , but , my memory isn't so good anymore so I need a re-fresher. What I am doing is taking data using my DAQ Class from three sensors , Temperature , Flow and DUT output , I need to do a little processing on the data and was going t
  19. Ok , i figured it out , i had to go into the niwebserver.conf file and change the document root from .//..//...//www to c:/www Dan
  20. Ok , it has been awhile since I have had to use the webserver for remote panels , but , i cannot get the server to start up , it is enabled in the apps INI. ther emust be something that i am overlooking ?!?!? I have the settings in the app builder set to copy the LV ini , i have the webserver turned on in the dev environment... what am I missing, i desperately need to get this working Dan
  21. Well DUH , guess I need new contacts , my monitor is a bit old , but , the issue with the shared variable was rather dumb..... in the deploy library method I had the variable as data,lvlib instead of data.lvlib :oops: Dan
  22. Well , i have the 2009 dvd's at work sitting in a box (i am not at work , but remoteing in ), guess i will download 2009 and install it remotely , hope my machine reboots ok... Dan
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