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  1. I forgot I cant attach files at work. there are tutorials online for how to use the windows registry, just be careful when manipulating these files. ~Jon
  2. I'm really not familiar with the .net framework, but it seems that you are using windows to dispatch the .dll. Have you tried registering your new .dll using regsvr32 (http://ss64.com/nt/regsvr32.html) otherwise you can check out the attached tutorial on the windows registry. ~Jon
  3. I would try dispatching the .dll by wiring the path. If that doesn't work, try searching for diagram disable structures. Anything in a diagram disable will not be compiled and will not be shown in the callers list, but still will be listed as a dependency even though you are not really using it. I've had this kind of conflict several times when using other people's code. ~Jon
  4. Really appreciate the help guys. I'll put this to good use. ~Jon
  5. Darren, I find myself creating decendent classes quite often and have wanted to automate the creation of these (using vi scripiting.) Do you have any fancy private VI's that would assist me in doing this? ~Jon
  6. Will this VI be part of LV2010 or is it allready in LV2009? -on 8.6 for now...
  7. I've seen a couple of these VI's which return the class hierarchy floating around but in all cases they are locked. Where is this VI coming from? Does anyone know what it is actually doing? I really can't use a VI that is locked unless it comes with LabVIEW or is released by NI in some form. ~Jon
  8. Basically what I'm trying to do is add classes later but allow them to be user selectable without actually adding any new code. Something like a tree control where the decendents can be viewed dynamically depending on hardware/software configurations on a given system. This is in the context of a factory pattern and plugin architexture. I'll try to work this out by registering new classes in a .ini file so that the main can scan who is actually out there and what is available for runtime purposes. we'll see how this goes, I'm getting a little experimental now... ~Jon
  9. Ok, perhaps a work around of registering all the classes and their hierarchy in an initialization step (from .ini file?) will do the trick then. At any rate, it sounds like I MUST load the parent of a particular target class before loading that target or labview will spit out errors. ~Jon
  10. I've run the toolkit, but it does not appear to retrieve descendent or child classes. The List_Ancestor_class.vi only lists the ancestors of my target class, and the original class I gave as a target. Here is the code:
  11. Is there any way to read the class hierarchy at runtime in LVOOP? Given a class, I want to be able to know who its parent is and what decendents are valid for that class. Specifically I will be needing the paths of the .lvclass eventually so that I can dynamically instantiate the decendent/parent classes. ~Jon
  12. Thanks, installed activated and working properly. ~Jon
  13. Editing thie Labview.ini file doesn't seem to be working for me (I'm not seeing the private methods for the block diagram.) Is there anything else I need to do to enable VI scripting? Using Labview 8.6, edited the "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\LabVIEW.ini" Addtionally I've tried to enforce launching using that ini file (it should be the default anyway...) from command Prompt: G:\>"%ProgramFiles%\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\LabVIEW.exe" -pref "%CURRENTDIR%\BPR 2-12-2010.ini" Are there any Labview.ini preferences that would conflict with this one? I've edited
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