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  1. Hi @Jim Kring, My customer is back asking what he should be including in their about page since http://openg.org doesn't work anymore? He wants to make sure he is respecting what the license says and giving a link to people to openg.org. Thanks, Fab
  2. @Jim Kring What should my customer include in their about page since http://openg.org doesn't work anymore? Thanks, Fab
  3. Semi related issue with OpenG URLs One of my customers has added to his application's About page that the app uses OpenG code. He was including the old url http://openg.org, what URL should he include now? Thanks, Fab
  4. I agree that the XControl questions should go. XControls will not make it into NXG anyway. When I teach Advanced Architectures in LabVIEW, I mention what XControls are but I skip that section because I don't think they should be used for new development. I do recertify by points but I am already very active in the community.
  5. RT @FIRSTinTexas: "...You get the best of what you celebrate..." - Dean Kamen https://t.co/0wh3nIgf4T

  6. RT @SmithsonianMag: Ten historic female scientists you should know. https://t.co/IXay7RXGiB

  7. I will let @Christian_L add to this. I was suggesting to put it in the section looking for code because the Reference Designs already solve lots of problems that people who are starting from scratch might not know about. Instead of reinventing the wheel. The reference designs cover everything from simple libraries, design patterns all the way to complete application architectures. When I teach Advanced Architectures in LabVIEW I point people to this page and I often hear: "why didn't I know about this earlier before I went and reinvented the wheel". If you prefer to include it under Beyo
  8. Excellent work Hooovahh! I hope it is not too much trouble to keep it up to date. I would like to add to the "I'm Looking to Find Example Code and Toolkits" section the NI Reference Designs Portal at http://ni.com/referencedesigns It is a collection of reference designs that Christian Loew and his team keep updating. It started with only Systems Engineering reference designs, but now it includes several other. Thanks for adding the links to the videos we have for source code control, you could also link to our blog SCC category, so as we add new blog posts and videos, th
  9. RT @ProfFeynman: We are never definitely right, we can only be sure we are wrong. https://t.co/SJo5qpcO9F

  10. @labview @GDevConference A minor pet peeve of mine, I prefer to call us "LabVIEW programmers" instead of "LabVIEW u… https://t.co/UNc0IIigXk

  11. @ErynnBrook I am confused now, am I going to get my woman card removed because I do have a box of cables too? Is th… https://t.co/rlJmUc5cFO

  12. @Orbimation 100000000 likes! :)

  13. RT @GeorgeTakei: If you think authoritarianism cannot happen here in America, I lived through a time when it already did: to 120,000 Japane…

  14. @joerghampel @TheSpazmaticsTX It is a franchise, maybe you could create SpazmaticsEurope :)

  15. @stefan_lemmens Those tickets went fast! Those colleagues of you deserve a nice gift ;) See you at #GDevCon !

  16. Just got my ticket, I'll be there!
  17. Definition of an apology. https://t.co/fgtN4eLNeC

  18. RT @GDevConference: We now have our presentation pack and application form ready to go! Find the downloads at https://t.co/aqs6K42adA #gdev…

  19. I added the chat comments that we were able to recover to this post: https://t.co/d0oN2g6UT4 close to the top ther… https://t.co/1cqW3MvO0F

  20. This was then: https://t.co/lIR6ha2n6z This is now. No moral compass. https://t.co/iWweUxK0sP

  21. RT @WoodhamsChris: Check out the updated GDevCon website, loads more info and it's looking awesome, bit excited! https://t.co/VRtSzZLDHn ht…

  22. I am so proud of our team. https://t.co/CQ5xF5xc5K

  23. @Jarobit y yo vamos a dar un curso de dos días en España "Diseña tu propio marco de trabajo en #LabVIEW" 6 y 7 de… https://t.co/195TSo47kL

  24. RT @ProfFeynman: Being wrong isn't a bad thing like they teach you in school. It an opportunity to learn something. https://t.co/LOxF3RwlQa

  25. Hello everyone, I don't know if you have seen/heard about the GDevCon @Steve Watts and his chums (as he calls them) are organizing. It is GDevCon#1, some of the things I think our LAVA friends will love are: It is independent from NI, created and driven by the community Two day conference Focused on real problems encountered everyday by LabVIEW developers Open to everyone (you don't need to have any certification like CLAD, CLD, CLA, etc). The conference will take place in September 2018 somewhere in the UK. If you want to learn more, register at: ht
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