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  1. I could probably use this solution on a current project. Unfortunately, I have no idea what functions the green icons represent. Is there any way to get an image posted that has the function labels turned on?
  2. I installed UI tools on my LabView 2012 and made use of the Dialog(Blackened).vi in several places during development. When I compiled my code, I found that the text message for the dialog box had disappeared. There are some dots on a line that may be the tops of some ascender strokes. I was under time pressure, so I went back to standard dialog boxes. I have attached a screen capture to demonstrate the problem. Is there some setting in the Build procedure that would affect only the message? The blackened background is preferable because the instrumentation displays tend to be cl
  3. I'm still seeing this bug at the end of the year 2012 in LabVIEW 2012. I do not understand the workaround. I am using clusters as inputs. There are no "callers", as this is in the top-level VI. Has nothing been done about this bug? Is there any way to remove an unneeded User Event? Is there any harm in just leaving it in place, unused?
  4. I am working with a rather large vi handed over to me from a predecessor. All of the sequence structures are stacked. I need to change them to flat sequences if I have any hope of figuring this thing out. I need to find all the stacked structures and the tiny lines on the screen don't seem to be helping (and, of course, no zoom). Is there some way to list, search, highlight or otherwise identify all instances of a specific type of structure? Believe me, searching for "find" and "structure" doesn't get you anywhere.
  5. How DO you print from Project Explorer? I don't need all the fancy icons; I just want to be able to print things like the list of dependencies. I find that Print and Print Window are grayed out (disabled) when in Project Explorer.
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