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  1. hi, I have uploaded 2 images of a front panel exe. if i press save want to plot the image in same graph but in different color with as i shown in the 2 image main thing is after saving The main plot data(red color) should run lively by pressing save again should update in (yellow plot) any one please help to do this thanks in advance
  2. thanks for ur reply sir sir actually i tried with fpga through Rs232 i am not that much familiar with vhdl language.. anyway i was done a code for uart referring some example code from.. opencores.com. still now iam struggling with code.... data rate is 115200bps
  3. thanks for ur response sir i am looking for generic FPGA talking to a host LabVIEW program running on Windows? some standard communicatons like CAN , USB ,RS485 ETC..
  4. hi.. guys i am doing a project in labview ...( HMI) which controls the machine.. user interface.. now what i need is i want to communicate the pc labview with FPGA some standard communication protocol... it should be faster.... (because i want to do frame grabbing the raw data) reliable, less hardware , multi slave interface... less communication error... etc so kindly guys give some good suggestions...
  5. hi guys i need to interface finger print sensor.. to labview so that i can get the data of 5 persons & store it & will compare if the particular persons finger print data for security operating machine... kindly help me for this task.... can any one give example vi
  6. hi, guys anyone please give labview mb slave vi.. i need to communicate with PLC master .......
  7. thanks antoine.... is it possible to access the files directly from usb mass storage device.... if so.. can u give me some idea about it...
  8. thanks for ur reply sir.... i will try it
  9. hi every one, i want to get image from usb via labview and disply slide show..in vi i have many images in mass storage device if i connect it to pc i want open a slide show in labview is it possible... can any one guide me too do the vi for this thanks in advance...
  10. hi MikaelH, i have faced a same problem in my project.... but my application is quite different from urs i am using lot of numerical controls & displays in my vi nearly(600 controls) so i want to connect so many wires & i am communicating the controls via com port.... i have faced problems while editing when i trieb to connect some controls i takes 30 secs to one min i can able to see in mouse pointer.... me too using a good effective pc.... i thought the problem is with my system ram i upgraded to 2gb still i am facing this problem..... but the problem
  11. thank you sir, can u give some example or tutorial about OpenG variant config.......
  12. hi......jg code sir... thnk u so much for ur response........ actually i hav not mentined in the earlier post.... tat i am using 3rd party tpc..... so iam running it in normal windows xp... kindly help me sir
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