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  1. The last time I had this problem I found this: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/FB79ED8B6D07257B86256E93006E31FA Written for LV 8.2, still true in 2011 AFAIK.
  2. Just for the record, in case someone runs in the same issue: - I uninstalled everything NI-related from the computer showing the problem - During uninstallation some NI-services refused to shut down (webserver-related). Had to kill then manually with the task-manager. - After installation of the latest RTE and drivers from the NI website the issue is gone. Now I only have to figure out if my local installer cache is corrupted and propagated the corruption to the installer I built. I fear a new installation of Labview will be necessary to make sure I build working installers... Thanks agai
  3. Interesting how things change... I see now that I don't need it, but as cause of problems it got eliminated, too. The answer to this will depend on this question: If I draw the diagram disable structure around all of my code, does Labview still load driver, dlls or .net assemblies in memory and starts them enough to allow them to hang? I hope not! Assuming it doesn't, I'll download a (hopefully) clean version of the RTE and install it on my test computer. The taskkill solution does work. For now this gives us something we can work with, but it has to go, the sooner the better.
  4. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions - problem is that they didn't solve the problem. What I tried: - remove "Quit Labview" and replace it with a "Close Front Panel" - remove Splash Screen and start Main app directly. - deactivate SSE2 optimization - comment out all code calling dlls or hardware drivers - comment out ALL code Now I have an application that displays a front panel and a start button on the toolbar. Which does nothing, of course. I can now go to File->Exit and close that window. Guess what, on a computer with DevSystem my "application" goes out of memory (true for al
  5. Hi there: I have an issue here that has me stumped: I can not completely exit an application when it is built in a executable and running with the Run-Time Engine unless the development system is also installed. Full story: - The application should close when the user clicks on a "Exit" button. - An event sructure catches this value changed event, closes all running loops, i.e. shuts down hardware, saves the vi configuration and exits. - To close the built executable I execute the "Quit Labview" vi, with the boolean input set to true if the vi is not executed under the development system.
  6. Hi Rolf: Thanks for taking the time to reply. Always good to hear the history of other software packages. Just make one thing clear: I don't see MView as a competition to LuaView. I would advise anyone in a commercial environment to not use MView. I can not give support beyond posting here, and the moment you have to dig through the source code to make a small change or fix a bug you have lost any savings on the initial investment. On top of that I'm building on the work of two other "lone" projects (parser builder and the lexer/parser engine) which may become unusable in an other environmen
  7. Considering that you mentioned low cost and NI rarely falling in that category: Check this out: http://labjack.com/ Labjack offers a Labview driver that I found to work well. I would still expect that you need a current amplifier to drive relays, and independent on your choice of hardware I would strongly recommend a flyback diode. An interface PCB like Brenton suggested would be a good solution. Another alternative would be: http://www.toradex.com/products/Oak/OakRelay With this you get the interface problem solved (at least for low currents in you relay...), but you need five of those b
  8. Sam: First, thanks for the feedback. Perhaps I should use this to give a feedback what happened to this projekt, considering that I posted first on June 17, 2010 and it's been now two years: The big thing I intended to do did not happen - cleaning up the code. I did change some parts of it, but mainly to fix bugs and add some functionality, but it gets nowhere to the standard for a submission in the LAVA code repository. And extrapolating from the last two years this will not happen... I can say that the tips some of the residents gave me two years ago have been helpful for my work. This is
  9. Take a look at this: http://zone.ni.com/d...a/epd/p/id/3971 HTH, Joachim
  10. Good tips. Now I only need to learn to do something like that CONSISTENT. I'm weak, I'm weak, ... I dream of free-hand wires... Just kidding. Have to check this out. It's obviously better to read. Gosh, how do you sustain this during debugging/trying out when your not sure what will work best? A little addendum to the project: Included here is a modified version of the demo vi and reworked example scripts. The demo assumes that there is a loop handling the user interface, a loop doing some hardware stuff (I'm imitating a temperature controller), and one want's to include scripting
  11. You are right. And a test-vi is broken. Here they are: Put them in the MView directory and it should work. I also had to learn that some of the included demo-scripts don't work since my last round of ..ahhm.. bug-fixes. I'm preparing a new release with this issues resolved. Thanks. Thanks to you and asbo for the tips. I knew already how to force empty space into a diagram. I have two problems with it: What you said - the movement off all other code. It makes it sometimes look worse. And in a vi like this interpreter, with its endless sequence of case-structures, should I force space
  12. Hi Neal, Hi everyone: thanks for your reply in general and for the positive response on top of it And sorry for the long time for me to come back to my own thread...summer vacation, and then all hell broke loose at work. I hope you DON'T know what I'm talking about. ..difficult to follow... Yeah, after taking a long break working on it, I had the same problem. ...straight wires... My big weakness: good planing. First there is so much space, and then it gets crammed, and then...curves, bends, this vi could still fit in that white space, now where to put this wires? etc. How do you fight
  13. Hi all, Hi jgcode: Been working on the attachment issue... Had to disable all Add-ons in Firefox, now I see a "Attach This File" Button. Hope this works... Will need th hunt down what this is in my browser. Joachim
  14. Hello there, first post here, so perhaps I should start with introducing myself. I've used LabView for about 10 years. For work to hack together some quick automated test routines for instrument control and data acquisition. Outside work I use it like a kind of hobby program language, mainly just messing around with it to see how it works and what it can do. For many reasons (read the NI ads...) it has become one of my favourite program languages, next to Matlab. I never released any code to the public. I never had formal training, and I thinks this shows in my code. What I'm releasing here
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