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Born in Bergen, Norway in 1975.

Started using LabVIEW in 1996 to develop remote control, DAQ and analysis software for heart surgery research at the local hospital as part of my last year in college (automation engineering). Began as a systems engineer at ClampOn in 1998, and moved on to be the manager of software development in 2002 and then general IT manager in 2008.

We develop, manufacture and sell ultrasonic monitoring systems for the oil and gas industry. Particle flow is measured based on acoustic emission, pipes are inspected for erosion and corrosion using guided lamb waves etc. Intelligent sensors equipped with DSPs aquire, filter and process the ultrasonic signals in the field. LabVIEW based applications for PCs and PACs are used to develop measurement algorithms, configure and test sensors in production, and remotely control and monitor the installations.

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