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  1. Perfect. OpenG helped me a lot. in fact i came to know what is VIPM, Open G pallets and how to install. great stuff to know. thanks hooovahh!
  2. Hi, I'm involving in a excel database project where i need a help. I want to find the duplicates entries in 1D array and need to know indexes of them. . actually i have the 2D array with me,, i'm slicing column A of the 2D array and finding the duplicate entry's indexes. Based on the duplicates indexes i want to modify the 2D array accordingly. I googled and find some info but not able to solve still. thanks.
  3. Hi Espelkamper, In my attached Image..Assume,if the 230V power supply is an Isolation transformer...is that one help??
  4. Hi, I have a project where the DUT's input supply ground and measurement (DUT's output) signal ground is same. I decided to use RSE measurement method. a brief diagram is shown in the attached pic. worrying about ground loop and anybody let me know is this diagram is safe to implement? I planned to use PCIe6320. Any suggestion about implementation of optical isolation here? ] thanks.
  5. Hi All, Is Report Generation tool kit compatible with open office? if yes i will be happy and no need to buy MS office, will initiate the download of Open office! Please advise! Thanks.
  6. Hi espelkamper, thanks for your valuable suggestions. regarding the ground loop i'm investigating. not seeing any issue still. thanks.
  7. I’m using “PCI-DIO-96”card . so far it worked good. this morning suddenly it starts giving problem. The computer is not booting if I placed this card in the PCI slot. If I remove this PCI card from the system starts boot normally. No idea why this card make the PC non responsive. I tried this in another computer also. Same result. This is second time in two months. I’m not able to find the root cause why this card made the computer stop booting.. Anybody face this type of issue? Please advise. thanks.
  8. Hi I build ATEs. ATEs create log files and save it in a location at local hard disc for every pass DUTs. Is there any way I restrict operator not to modify the log file location ..i.e create a new log file himself / modify the content of log files etc.. the idea is only the test software can create the log files not by operator at any way.. I tried to modify the access privilege of operator login by only giving read/write access (not modify access).still not able to create foolproof. thanks.
  9. Dear Mike, The lead time is the biggest hurdle right now.
  10. Hi, Looking for NI-PCI-DIO-96 card very urgently. I'm in India-bangalore area. ATE Down - Production stopped - pressure increased- assured instant payment. plz help!
  11. Hi,, I see a Icon in my windows taskbar named as Datafinder. Everytime windows starting this too loads and sit in my taskbar. What is the usage of datafinder? thanks.
  12. As i'm using room temperature, low volume production environments incorporating 5S activities every day i beleive normal desktop will perform my job. I will design the Racks so that the normal computer can be placed properly. Thanks for the feedbacks friends!
  13. Hi, what are the special features of Industrial Computer compared to normal desktop computer other than the below features! 1. It has rugged case 2. Rack mounting facility 3.More PCI/PCIExpress slots. I want to use PCI6220, Agilent 34401A DMM, one USB interface with the computer. for this i really need to Industrial computer? can't the normal one will do the work? Aplication area is not complex. Acquiring the low frequency waveforms and analyze the data. please let me know why you guys (ATE-Experts) always go to industrial computer? Thanks.
  14. Yeah. It solved! Working very good! thanks.
  15. Yea.. This is what i'm trying to do. thanks for this suggestion.
  16. for me no problem at all if advertisement banner comes in lavag.org site. i have the concern about advertisement such like "indiandating.com" which i'm not comfortable! when i'm alone absolutely i have no issue ...but in front of my boss .....there it starts misunderstanding! he he
  17. Hi, I built a ATE and saving the Test log files at my Local Hard Disc. Now my customer is asking to save the log files at ftp site. I have no idea how to proceed ! I discussed my IT guy and he is saying that we can't link ftp like the local server location. Honestly saying i do not understand half of his technical speech. My customer is not having the privilege to access my local server / local hard disc to view the log files. they demand the info should be at ftp and anybody has dealt this ftp automation before? My IT guy is ready to provide the ftp username and password to me. anything i can do using this info in labview to save files to ftp site? thanks.
  18. I'm thinking to use IC 7404. Can it work as inverter for NI USB 6501?
  19. Oh.. Thanks very much for your information. I didn't know this before.
  20. Hi, I'm using NI USB 6501using that i'm controlling the relays. After wiring my hardware, once i power up all relays are by default in ON condition. I want the DO signals of NI USB 6501should Low by default. But my case is all DO signals are HIGH state. I opened MAX and check the test panels there i saw it configured HIGH state. How to change Digital Output lines as LOW ? if you need more information to understand my questing feel free to reply me thanks.
  21. Thanks for the detailed info.I forgot to mention that i am going to use 100:1 probe for signal conditioning hello mike, thanks for your advise.
  22. Hi Friends, I have a new project with me and now I'm in the process of selecting hardware and estimating costs. Please find the attached picture that describes the signal what i need to capture, measure and analyse. i'm thinking which DAQ device will be suitable for this kind of signals... one more question,,,,normally Test engineers will decide them self for selection of Hardware or they go for NI-local office for advise? Thanks.
  23. Hi, I developed my application and given to the production. It is running successfully. I want to give my email address at front panel and if the user clicks the email it should open the outlook email. same way i want to give the website link too. it should open the site when the user clicks on it. Any idea how to do this! thanks.
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