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  1. Instead of reading Data table, read Data grid view cell collection (see the attached). That will give you the sorted data. The only thing is that we don;t get sorted indices, so make an invisible column with incremental numbers - append it to your data. After sorting the table, the invisible column should give you the sorted indices. If there is any better way you have found out, let us know.
  2. Using Static VI reference will anyhow load that VI in memory behaving the same as calling the VI. It makes nothing Dynamic..
  3. No, I am trying BAPI Controls for the first time without VB.. Posting the screens of a SAPGui that is installed and running on my pc. Front Screen LogON Screen Adding Transaction ID.. se37 After which a function module that is interested to me.. In this case, I am trying to access process order. A process order number is given to the module to get required details. To retrieve all the entries.. Time to execute the module.. Table retrieved.. Details Any kind of help will be appreciated.. With Regards, Dharmesh.
  4. Error -2147352567 occurred at Property Node (arg 2) in SAP_GetProcessOrderDetails.vi This error code is undefined. No one has provided a description for this code, or you might have wired a number that is not an error code to the error code input.
  5. Dear All, I have been trying to establish a communication mode between SAP ERP and LabVIEW. Moreover, I am completely new to SAP. The objective of the task is to fetch some Business related data such as Process order details, sales order quantity etc etc.. This data is lying in BOR (Business Object Repository) which is accessible via R/3 server. Some of the BAPI Function calls are designed by SAP that let a third party software talk to the database. I have gone through the documentation related to the BAPI ActiveX Control, which describes the procedure to call any of the BAPI function for which one can find a screenshot of a VI. The problem is that I am able to logon to a SAP server but when it comes to opening up an instance, I am getting error (Marked RED). Any support for this would really be appreciable.. With Regards, Dharmesh Bhanushali.
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