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  1. Antoine, sorry for slow replies. I've been working still on some updates, but haven't pushed it back to previous versions yet, just limited in time, so mostly want to develop it, not port back, I've been hoping someone else would help contribute and could put a release back in previous versions, but alas. Just keep an eye on the github project, I'll see if I can get to it there sometime.
  2. Some more progress on this project I wanted to share. You can now drag out range based markers to overlay them on a graph. point and line markers are all supported as well.
  3. Hi, I figured people here may be more interested in this project. I have some cool graph extensions I'm building in an open source project, which make some nice graphical overlays for XY graphs and waveform graphs in LabVIEW. I've got a github page where you can grab the code, support the project or just have a look at some of the same screenshots. Everything updates live in the graph, so you really need to see it, to get how it all works, so here you go: https://github.com/unipsycho/Graph-Extensions-LabVIEW Please star follow the project if you want to see this developed and I'd appreciate any feedback or ideas to extend it further. The markers are very much IN development right now, so no where near finished, but the tools can still be seen working. THANKS!
  4. Whoops, sorry about that denis, Thanks for noting that problem. The SubVI was in fact there in the subVI folder but I got it cross linked into another project. Should be fixed now and committed.
  5. MikaelH, Yes the date column sets up a date value type right now, but no date picker. The picker can be done as you say, its a lot more involved though handling custom cell or column templates since there is much more event integration to handle the class differences. Date validation would be nice to add first I think, but certainly the date picker would be the best. Read more here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/7tas5c80.aspx
  6. I haven't because I've really always hated XControls for there bugginess, troubleshooting difficultly and the fact that most people don't or can't develop them well. I've always hit performance problems with them as well when handling large data and I think the instancing of .NET controls may just add to that in an XControl. I'm not saying its not possible or even a good idea, just that I don't care to do it myself. You could certainly contribute that though if you're better in XControls than I am. Thanks, please add any ideas or thoughts if you test it out more closely then.
  7. Hi LAVAers. I thought I'd post this up to grab some more eyes and ideas, and maybe contributors if there is interest. I've started development of an open source datagridview project using .NET in LabVIEW to finally have a well implemented datagrid for use with LabVIEW UIs, data types and event integration. I have this all working in a sample project and would love more ideas, feedback and and help if anyone wants to contribute. The project is hosted on github, https://github.com/unipsycho/LabVIEWdotNetDataGrid I started a discussion for it in the LabVIEW NI community site when I started but its a LOT more presentable now, so extending this to LAVA. The original discussion is here: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/OpenSource-Project-for-a-NET-Datagrid-for-LabVIEW/m-p/3194273 The main premise of the project is to have extended data types, extended features with a event driven datagrid for LabVIEW using .NET. Please let me know what you think or if any questions or ideas to add to this.
  8. Thought of a couple more, If you use the autowire tool, you can change the tool between the hand and text over many controls (such as enum types) by pressing shift and ctrl instead of just clicking it which usually just selects the items. Also, ctrl-A will perform the last align that you did again. So, if you align some stuff on the left, select new items, ctrl-a will realign the new items again on the left. ctrl-d does the same but for the distribute option. very handly.
  9. panaman, didn't see this attached, but would love to know how to do this. Please add details or pm it to me. Thanks. My tip is for the icon editor. Anything in the clipboard (image, text, control) can be pasted intot he icon editor and automatically sized to fit if you have a cut rectangle already set. Perfect for scaling things into place without doing it in an image editor. not perfect, but very usefull.
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