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  1. We have released GOOP Developmente Suite v4.5. Most important feature are: - Support for Actor Framework. Download installers for LV 2010 up to LV2012 and read more : www.symbio.com/goop Contatct goop@symbio.com for questions. Thanks, Stefan Davidsson and Mikael Holmström Symbio Sweden
  2. Hi Rammer, No, GOOP V4.2 is not compatible with LV2012. There is a V4.5 release coming up very soon that should solve your problems. /Stefan
  3. Hi Jon, In GOOP4 the singleton template is just a DVR class which restricts the creation of an object to only one instance. For the singleton template you get a protected method(GetInstance) to create/access your object. If you go for the simple DVR class you have a public create method to create your objects. As far as when to use the two approaches I guess you have already answered it your self a bit. When you only need one instance of a class and global access to it. A few occassions when you could use a singleton is for an error class, or a log class or some kind of communication class. BR Stefan
  4. Hi Bjarne, I would go for GOOP4, which has a new object kernel that uses LabVIEW DVR references. Download the free version from http://www.symbio.com/goop/ and install it. If you then go to: Tools-->GOOP--Product information there is much information to read which explains differences between GOOP3 and GOOP4. Regards Stefan.
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