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  1. how does a deployed labview application have it's thread configuration set? Do the changes you make in the threadconfig.vi somehow get put into the application ini that the run-time engine reads? John
  2. Does anyone know if GOOP V4.2 is compatible with LabVIEW 2012? We have problems with LabVIEW 2012 crashing on 8 computers. Only difference between them and the one computer that works is GOOP. John
  3. Thanks Mikael, Any chance a future converter will be able to do this automatically?
  4. Mikail, I have used the converter. One question: In true GOOP4 class structures I gain access to the parent class attributes by calling the get attributes of the parent within the child. I noticed that when I converted the objectattributes.ctl of the converted (GOOP4 class) has the attributes of the base still in it. Should I access the base through these or through the get attributes of the base class? Should I delete these controls from the object attributes control? John
  5. Aristos, Can you post your example soon than in August? Any comments on the property that I am using to get the dependencies? Is it valid? Rammer
  6. Wow, sorry didn't mean to generate so much chatter. I like the concept of the VI Server Splash Screen. It is easy to communicate back and forth using notifiers and message queues but if you have a large main application it seems most of the start up time is loading into memory. This leads me to two comments: 1. It would be nice to show this loading progress. This seems to be bit of a mystery. As Aristos pointed out as soon as I open the reference I see most the VI's in memory using Digging in more I found: So I thought, could I setup a progress bar to make sure all the main applic
  7. Is there an easy way to tie the progress of the main application loading to a progress bar or the "fade" other than a timer? i.e. is there a way to get the progress of the VI Load while it is loading? Also, can you post your code if possible?
  8. Is GOOP v4.1 suppose to work with LV 2011 SP1? If I run the installer it craps out on the mass compile and corrupts the entire labview installation. I have tried 4 times. Anyone gotten this to work? Thoughts why it does not? Looks like I will skip SP1. John
  9. I discovered that the Execution System must be the same between the parent and all children for overridden VI's. Does anyone know what happens if the descendant VI is called dynamically? Can you set the execution and thread priority through VI server? John
  10. Does the licensing apply only to commercially deployed applications? If I run a test program internally to my company do I need all this EULA?
  11. We are looking to distribute our code. I was wondering if people had suggestions on the best ways to generated compiled help files (chm) for a VI library. I know there are some instructions in the LV help but thought there might be an "all-in-one" tool out there or some handy hints from people that have been doing this already. Thanks for you suggestions. John
  12. Does anyone know if Symbio plans to come up with a GOOP 3 to GOOP 4 class converter? I don't know if this is even possible with the new DVR archtecture. If not has anyone rolled their own or have any tips? We have about 75 classes we would like to convert. Without some automation this is not economically feesible for us. John
  13. We just upgraded to LV 2010. Now one of our VI's does not function. It calls a custom dll with the call library function node VI. It now reports error 13. The path to the dll is correct. Does anyone have any suggestions? John
  14. Mikael, I tried downloading the GOOP 4.0 LabVIEW 64 Zip file and windows keeps saying the zip file is empty. Is there an FTP site or some other way to get this? John
  15. Hi Mikael, I tried downloading the beta from the link and the site was empty. Can you post a new link? John
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