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  1. 15 hours ago, Scatterplot said:

    Is there any reason to NOT want this behavior, by the way? 

    Not necessarily, but it is trickier than it looks because of those "multipoint paths" that unflatten does not support.  A path like $.a.[new,old].b[4].c.d, for example.  If all paths were straightforward like $.a.b.c.d then it would be easy.

    Although I use JSON for configuration, I'm not using it in the same way you are doing, so it hasn't motivated me to solve this issue. Sorry.

  2. 15 hours ago, Francois Aujard said:

    I have loops that start but how to transfer the data without going through global variables or FGV.... 

    Quite a lot of good architectures are based on using messages between semi-independent modules, with the modules being based on a standardized template.  There are a few such "frameworks" publicly available via vipm.io that you could look at.  Mine is "Messenger Library", which has some instructional videos.

  3. 16 hours ago, hooovahh said:

    I agree, and it does at times sound desperate.  But also is this just how things are in the corporate world?

    This appears to be a pretty standard "hostile takeover" attempt, complete with all the usual things like a "poison pill" defence, and an appeal to shareholders to set up for a "proxy fight". Noone in the corporate world thinks any less of Emerson for doing a very normal business thing.

  4. 18 minutes ago, Neil Pate said:

    James, I found the NI automatically generated stuff quite hard to understand. I spent time stripping it down to the VIs with the black banners (under those are just the DLL calls) and actually it really is not complicated, its just packed up in a way that is completely not usable for me.

    I did the exact same thing!  Posted my version here: https://github.com/ni/grpc-labview/issues/206 

    I made a small helper class to allow easier configuration of each Procedure with a name and two message clusters:


  5. NI is working on gRPC and LabVIEW.   I am trying to give them feedback on their Github page.  In particular, I think they are going the wrong way in trying to create a Scripting-black-box solution rather than a simpler gRPC Library, and that this is a major danger to the project.  gRPC looks like it could be important, and we have a stake in making this project successful. 

    If anyone else would like to comment on this, please see https://github.com/ni/grpc-labview/issues/208

  6. Your doing it in the UI thread (that would have been my number one guess).   Switching threads is one of the few things that can be multi-millisecond expensive.  Switch the Call to "any thread".

    Edit: actually, even a thread switch shouldn't take 40 milliseconds, but give it a try anyway.

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