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  1. I typically try to avoid a UI design that could get in that state. When modal dialog pops-up it should typically be the interface the use needs to handle before be able to do other stuff in the application. Most application I write nowadays use subpanel constructs for the main UI and only pop-up dialogs "modal" in case it's something that needs to close before doing anything else or float mostly in case of an additional information windows (mostly debug/trace type). User workflow should be a simple for the user as possible, logical flows.
  2. Thanks James, Keep up the good work, it's some getting used to working with JSON in LV.
  3. Is it possible to directly access a particular object somewhere deeply nested inside the JSON text with a JSONpath that doesn't require knowledge of the complete structure? The structure can be altered outside the application, the field however are specified in official documents and should be used. E.g. I want to get the Packet object that has NID_MESSAGE 0. { "ALE (TLE)": { "length": 48, "message_type": 3, "FIE-PR": { "type": 198, "length": 37, "TCEPID": 1987771643, "UNISIG-037 SaPDU": { "ETY": 0, "type": 5, "DF": 0, "UNISIG-026 Message": {
  4. In case it's possible, haven't tried it myself. You could maybe put that SV in a subVI then search and replace each instance with the built-in search and replace function. Manual would be to tedious. Add a dialog that displays the call chain on abort.
  5. Just an addition in case people use the .Net XMLDocument class. XMLDocumentToStringPrettyPrint.vi
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