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  1. Yes, from what Ive read I think its a complete PC capable of running drivers and communicating through its USB. As you say the limitation will be its power but for simple applications it should work as Labview in your pocket!!! LabVIEW on a Stick!
  2. Hi all, Have you see these Windows PCs on sticks?? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RVCGNEC/sr=8-1/qid=1422529141/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&qid=1422529141&sr=8-1 http://liliputing.com/2015/01/intel-compute-stick-149-pc-stick.html I would love to know if anyone has tried running Labview Executables on them and if they have ran into success or trouble? Of high interest to me would be serial communications using serial adaptors. Im still not sure if this is possible with this class of PCs. cheers Puya
  3. Thanks for this. I didnt know. I just joined the group at NI
  4. That's great! I reckon we should start our own LabLeap GIT hub to share code. when you finish making your Minion maybe you can try some Leap coding! Your minion might be Leap-gesture controlled by the way
  5. I looked at the Labviewer hacker site but they are not providing any code or help with code! looks like a job from scratch! @Tim_S I bought mine from LeapMotion website from Australia. It was $80 + $20 shipping. It came in just 4 days shipped from Singapore hassle free. If you have a spare $100 you can get one quick! If anyone has code to share on LeapMotion that would be lovely. I will put mine up as soon as I can talk to mine. best regards P
  6. Thanks David_L, I just got my Leapmotion today. Minh, you can buy one from the leapmotion.com website. its $120 for Australians and it took only 5 days to get to me with FedEx. I am about to start playing with it. i have also signed up as a developer and downloaded the SDK. For anyone who has a Leapmotion, lets please share our joys and frustrations with it. Puya
  7. Hi all, For those who know about leap motion (https://www.leapmotion.com/) you may know that the SDK is now released and anyone can sign up as developer to download this. The first devices ship out July 22. I was surprised to find no one on LAVA has been posting hacks and ideas since I know at least a few Labview developers were part of the first wave last year who got send a free device to play with. Does anyone have experience with the Leap motion device? Anyone planning to start playing with the controller soon? Puya
  8. Here is the scenario: You have a heavily nested project and you are debugging your sub-VIs. You have pressed pause or you are stepping through one of them and you accidentally close your sub-VI. Meanwhile you have parallel loops and/or active processes going on. How do you find where you have paused? Breakpoints are easier to find because you can use the breakpoint manager. But I havent found a menu item that says "Show Pause Location" or something equivalent. Has anyone been frustrated by this before? Is there a simple answer or method that I have missed?
  9. Are you asking for an algorithm or how to create a system/architecture for getting an AI to make the next move? In terms of the algorithm, given that there are only 9 boxes, you can basically predict the possible moves for several turns and give them scores. eg if a particular combination leads to the player winning in 2 moves, that will get a low score where as if another combination can lead to the AI winning in 3 moves that gets a high score and so on. And the AI can go through every possible combination and score each one accordingly, then pick the path with the highest score. If you then want to have an computer with Hard/Medium/Easy game, you can get the AI to chose Higher or Lower score moves respectively. just some thoughts... Its an interesting project. well done.
  10. This is great. I tried getting it to work but couldnt get a connection. Any instructions on how to get it to work?
  11. All the same, I will be careful never to copy your code incase you decide to murder me!
  12. Wow ppl..... I just wanted someone to enlighten me about how to programmatically retain wire values. in my wildest imagination I never conceived that it would end up invoking murder for breach of copyright.... hope it never comes to that!
  13. Aristos Queue Thanks for your detailed perspective. I see some of your points. I didnt realise that the original provider of the VI was an NI employee to begin with (hence my "look how good I am" comment). As for "stealing" concepts in the thread, I think that's going overboard. The world is not so black and white (that is more 19th century). Without a clear defenition of an author's wishes for the use of their creation one cannot make such judgements so clearly. If I write some software (not as an NI employee) that solves some problem for my peers but I lock it without any intention to gain anything from this other than the awe and respect of my peers then I am actually being annoying and maybe going about it the wrong way. That's how I had perceived the transaction to be. Having read your perspective I do look at it differently now. However, I would not use a one size fits all perspective to all situations where code is shared. Anyway, thanks again for your comments and contribution to the thread. P
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