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  1. A student posting physics, math theorems is not a scientist.

    A yogi talking about compassion, love, peace … is not a master.

    The huge majority are not capable to discover anything new they repeating what others did.

    Post your new theorems...

  2. Yesterday they asked me to go to the secret police here in Romania.

    My mother was worried and she came with me.

    Last week they put something on the rogue in the front of the apartment and today when we were not at home they put a jar with soup in the front of the door(no rogue there anymore).

    My mother is worried now the secret police to don’t burn our door now.

  3. We have so much secret police because 98% of population is at animal level.

    From animal priests to animal intellectuals there are a lot of informers (prostitutes in my words).

    People are watched with cameras like the animals because are at animal level and they like it.

    When a secret agent goes home have a drink, have sex with a goat and think he represents the world.

    I don’t know why when I see the movie Agent 007 I start spiting…

  4. Daryl,

    here in Romania the most corrupt country in UE it's very bad time for me. In such conditions I can't create anything new...fighting only to don't be changed by the animals who are around me...

  5. Edward Kennedy dies!

    He was a very good politician...

    I worked in Hyannis, MA; it was my best time in North America. I lived in the house of a priest. Kennedy family built a very nice catholic church in Hyannis.

    Rest in Peace. You will be missed...

  6. I calculated that 98% of population(people who are at the level of one of the first 3 chakras) are at animal level.

    Here is somebody else who said almost the same thing(but he didn't said how many are at that level):

    Joseph Campbell the wise American said about people at animal level:

    Live on these three levels? Animals live on these three levels. Those are the levels of holding onto life, reproducing life, and winning. And this is what popular religions are concerned with: health, wealth and progeny. Winning the war, god send us rain for our crops, and all that sort of thing.

  7. How to relocate in North America when I didn't have a job there?

    I saw here son of policemen officer is at GM(no wonder they bankrupt), son of police

    general is working at Canadian government, all the communists I knew have at least a house in Canada...They brought their parents there.

    You are neghbors now!

    Like I said it's resonance between animals!

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