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  1. Yesterday in the morning on the bus the secret police here in Romania started the aggression against me; later in the front of the church another guy show me an injection, and here at library they told me to quit the computer...Today they closed the computer at math faculty and the police pushed me and brought me to their department because I tried to protect a poor woman because the police took her small bunch of flower. Here you can sell only with police.

    To understand how corrupt is this post-communist Romania: the highest number of PhD are at Police Academy.

  2. Theory of Ken Wilber:here is a link to a brief overview. http://integrallife.com/node/37539

    Look at the 'levels of development' (on the left side of this colorful diagram) http://www.formlessmountain.com/aqal-scg.htm

    Another theory is Trandisciplinarity, Basarab Nicolescu did some work here:

    What theory do you like?

  3. A Muslim thinks like a Jew or Christian from Koran, like in the Old Testament:

    ‘In the Day of Judgment and individual accountability for actions; in God's complete authority over human destiny and in life after death. Muslims believe in a chain of prophets starting with Adam and including Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon...’

    Those prophets were savages like Abraham; Solomon had 10000 wives - sexual addicted savage; Noah,, Moses, Aaron savage liars, David a sexual addicted criminal....

    Doesn't exist a Day of Judgment ...God doesn't judge stupid people...it’s reincarnation...

    Like I said: Religion is God for dummies.

    First man was born in Kenya not in Israel.

    People are from animals and 98% are at animal level how I calculated - my website, and my books.


    nice to see you here.

    String theory is the most difficult theory.

    Yesterday string physicists were only at unemployment office because were considered crazy talking about 26 dimensions. Today you are not hired if you don’t know about the string theory.

    Now I’m reading about AdS/CFT correspondence.

  5. The survival of the wisest: Jonas Salk.

    Salk and others don’t understand what wise means; wisdom is related to spirit, it’s not related to the mind.

    You can say smart but not wise; smart doesn’t means wise.

    Human beings are smart; animals are smart but not wise.

    In the animal world the natural selection is working, in the human beings world doesn’t work.

    We are the worst species on the planet. Wise people don’t survive; they are first killed by the majority who are low level. Because of the wars Germans, Russians, Jews … have a shallow genetic pool.

    Wise people don’t resonate with low level people.

    Wise people like hermits, monks…don’t have children. As percentage are less and less wise people.

    Today how I calculated in my books only 1 in 1300 is wise.

    The 98% of low level people is ‘growing’; this means as a species we are the worst on this planet.

  6. Like I said: the capitalists and the communists like each other. Here in Romania companies like Nokia, Emerson, Siemens, BMW, Alcatel… are hiring only prostitutes communists. It’s a resonance between animals.

    For example when you’ll use a Nokia cell phone you’ll feel a prostitution vibration, smell…

  7. This year (Darwin 2009) are a lot of unpleasant conferences (awful professors) about evolution.

    A good one was here:


    The acceptance of evolution in USA is the same as in a Muslim country like Turkey.

    Doctor Eugenie Scott is materialist, atheist. How she can talk about religion and God?

    In USA only 3 out of 10 are believers among scientists, professors (more in Kentucky less in California).

    In communists countries 10 out 10 professors were atheists.

    An atheist is at animal level.

    It's like I said: because 98% of population is at animal level, you were educated in schools by animals.

  8. Eve was, according to the Book of Genesis, the first woman created by God, and an important figure in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    "And God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man"

    How we can see the woman is from a rib, she is not much; the man represents the Yang energy.

    The Pope and Dalai Lama who are more open don’t promote women.

    Islam is an aggressive religion because is a man oriented religion.

    Religions are the mirror of our planet; in these religions women are discriminated.

    That’s why we live today like yesterday in primitive countries. This is another proof that the majority are at animal level.

    In my view religion represent God for half-cannibals, God for low level people.

  9. Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints






    No discrimination after people dies.

    Why we don't have women as priests? Because we have so many saint women.

  10. Scientology is against my theory:


    ‘It is a basic belief of Scientology that a human being is actually an immortal spiritual being, termed a thetan, that is presently trapped on planet Earth in a "meat body." The thetan has had innumerable past lives and it is accepted in Scientology that lives antedating the thetan's arrival on Earth lived in extraterrestrial cultures…

    • 38 trillion years ago (3.8×1013 years): Helatrobus falls or is destroyed

    It should be noted that all dates given above are far beyond the current scientific consensus for the age of the present universe (approximately 13.7 billion [1.37×1010] years) ‘

    In my view people are from animals, majority today are half-cannibal low level people (How Î calculated: 98% of them).

  11. Over 536,000 lambs, 72,000 adult sheep and 56,000 goats were sent to the slaughter to end up on Italian tables over Easter in 2007.

    It's like I said:

    Save the lambs!

    Each year before Easter Day are slaughter millions lambs around the world.

    Saving a number of lambs can stop some catastrophes around the world.

    For the majority love is only a feedback.

    On Easter Day the greed of half-cannibal Christians exceed the compassion and the love towards the innocent lambs(they will eat the lambs).

  12. Save the lambs!

    Each year before Easter Day are slaughter millions lambs around the world.

    Saving a number of lambs can stop some catastrophes around the world.

    For the majority love is only a feedback.

    On Easter Day the greed of half-cannibal Christians exceed the compassion and the love towards the innocent lambs(they will eat the lambs).

  13. The spacetime of our death: the problem is to prove it with math, physics…

    John Hagelin( from the Maharishi University says the consciousness is the Unified Field, the Superstring Field.

    The leading researcher on the superstring field theory is Edward Witten() who doesn't look like one who knows too much about consciousness.

    My view:

    The basic idea of superstring theory is that the fundamental constituents of reality are strings of the Planck length (about 10−33 cm) which vibrate at resonant frequencies.

    My view is that conciousness is 'made of something' what is smaller than tha Planck length (about 10−33 cm) and there the superstring field theory doesn't work.

    Nobody is able now to work, to look what is beyond the Planck Wall.

  14. The Einstein field equations are used to determine the curvature of spacetime resulting from the presence of mass and energy. This means we can calculate the position of an object moving in spacetime for example a satelite.

    We are moving too in a field following precise trajectories until we die; in my view the spacetime of our death is seald; the place and the time of our death is known long time before we die.

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