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  1. Looks like President Kim Jong Il is ill.

    To prove my 98% low level people theory I propose that the new president of North Korea to be a frog and people will accept it. Low level peole are lower than the animals.

    Because of the 98% a dictator can create a country of prostitutes(informers). In Romania at revolution(1989) officers killed people for 2 pounds of oranges. Today in Romania the prostitutes are running the country, they say they are the patriots; everybody here will become a prostitute a fridge, for a paid vacation…

    Those who are talking about prostitututes don’t get a job like me.

    Prostitution is a proof that 98% are at animal level; each prostitute has a price, that’s why governments spend a lot of money on prostitution.

  2. Election Day: I say is the ‘98% Day’ when low level people has the power to put in charge average politicians who create stagnant societies. Low level people are like the animals, they look only for food and asylum.

  3. In this book, The New Physics and Cosmology: Dialogues with the Dalai Lama, Dalai Lama, Anton Zeilinger and others tried without success a contribution to the science (QM)-religion interface.

    With my wave function I found this science (QM)-religion interface (maybe I have more qubits than them):

    :|ψ> = c1 |Φ1> + c2|Φ2> + c3|Φ3> + c4|Φ4> + c5|Φ5> + c6|Φ6> + c7|Φ7>

    are 7 states |Φi > because are 7 major chakras or energy centers.

  4. I calculated that 98% of population(people who are at the level of one of the first 3 chakras) are at animal level.

    Here is somebody else who said almost the same thing(but he didn't said how many are at that level):

    Joseph Campbell said about people at animal level:

    Live on these three levels? Animals live on these three levels. Those are the levels of

    holding onto life, reproducing life, and winning. And this is what popular religions are

    concerned with: health, wealth and progeny. Winning the war, god send us rain for our

    crops, and all that sort of thing.

    ll+animal+level+chakra&fr=yfp-t-305&u=www.uusociety. org/sermons/January%25207%252007%2520%28Gary%29.pdf&w=jo seph+campbell+animal+level+levels+chakra&d=MdgPI_ReRizp& amp;icp=1&.intl=us

  5. Father Suciu Dumitru, the best spiritual healer, left Romania for Rome, Italy. Last night on TV he was verbally aggressed by Romanian secret police (SRI) because he is quitting the country; it was ugly. The priests who are not prostitutes (informers) can’t stay in Romania, the bishops give them a hard life.

    PS. Yesterday at British Council, Lava Forum was blocked in 30 minutes after I went there. A police officer came in another one was near me…

  6. I'm talking about prostitutes(informers) you know this; the communists prostitutes are in the secret police today. Is like in the communism period with the same people in the government. The honest Romanians 20% of population already left the country and in Romania the dirty communists and the prostitutes are running the show in each institution.

  7. Living among animals is ugly, but here in Romania is the worst. My theories with animal level, prostitution... are from Romania.

    Everywhere here in Romania you see only animals, prostitutes...

  8. Not too entertaining for me to write here:

    Because of my posts here a professor where I worked said I can be killed, another professor said an criminal can cut a piece of my ear; last week a woman(her son is in Germany) who wrote now a spiritual book said I can get pancreatic cancer or liver cancer, the SRI is sending half naked women after me in the church…follow me everywhere that’s why I can’t find a job. Communists professors are telling me go back in Canada if you don’t like here, the road to Paris is free now…

    For example professor Culianu wrote about SRI and he was killed in USA in the washroom at university and the FBI didn’t find anything.


  9. QUOTE (eaolson @ Sep 15 2008, 11:37 AM)

    Yes, because you're applying it to a situation where it does not apply. You can throw around sciencey sounding words like "wave function" and "strings" but that doesn't mean you're doing science. Just because you can write an equation with Greek letters in it doesn't mean it's science. Wave functions don't apply because people aren't waves. They don't diffract, interfere, have phase or group velocity.

    Says the guy selling the books.

    I spent couple years to write that ‘equation with Greek letters’; anyway nobody did it before.

    I saw yesterday the movie The Secret.

    This secret is only a component of my wave function; my wave function is much more than that SECRET. You’ll not see a word about wisdom in this movie.

    In this movie success in the American and worldwide view means money, house, cars…doesn’t imply wisdom. This is low level people view, 1299 people from 1300 have this view.

    People like Gates, Trump, Dell… have success (money) but they are not wise.

    Smart people don’t understand wise people

    For example are a lot of smart scientists but few wise scientists; between a smart scientist and wise scientist are couple thousands years in evolution (my book).

  10. We are made of atoms, this means a lot of wave functions; I don’t know why you don’t know this thing.

    Communism was right because for 98% of population God didn’t exists(in capitalism too) and they were running the countries without God; today all the communists are rich capitalist people number one is Putin(all the communists here in Romania are talking about Putin, is like a symbol for them) and they forgot the communist doctrine. This means they were communists only for money and they didn’t believe in the communist doctrine. Romania had 4.5 millions communists the highest number in the communist countries. Today too it’s hard to breathe here; everywhere the communists are the managers, the communist networks are alive.

    All the communists today believe in God, because God in capitalism can give them money!

    I calculated the 98 %( science, math), you can do it too, look on my website.

    The computers say 98%!

  11. What is not scientific here? My wave function?

    Yes, people don't understand what I'm talking about. What I seed for them is what they understand.

    Telling to people about the 98% means I’m honest; in life everybody is telling you: ‘You are the best’ –from priests to gurus, VIPs… because they looking for your money!

  12. Pollux,

    how you saw this week, are a lot of prostitutes(informers) priests

    Like I said only 1 in 1300 connection with God; only few priests have a connection with God, the rest of population are far away from God and in the middle ages was the same.

    People can’t go back to the spiritual side because the majority is at animal level, 98% of them.

    At CERN will not come the end of the world because the energy of a particle in the LHC is smaller than the energy of a fly.

  13. In the communist countries God didn’t exist for communists; they were right because how I calculated only 1 in 1300 has a connection with God.

    Anyway in all countries the jobs, research…are related to mater; money only for low level research…

  14. I calculated that percentage, 98%, in 2003 when I had 0$ income (now I don’t have a job too). From that day I’m repeating almost each day that percentage because life among low level people (98%) is not easy. In my view theirs intelligence is not fully awake, they are not fully developed and interacting with them (I don’t say theirs ego) is not easy.

    People don’t accept that they are from animals, the Christian, Muslims, Jews… follow the Bible(OT)…low level people were created by God. If the religious leaders don’t understand that people are from animals I don’t think they are able to understand God. If you don’t see the animal for sure you don’t see God.

    Anyway if the religious leaders are right(OT) I can burn my book I AM CREATING GOD; but if I am right the religious leaders have to go home because are far away from God.

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