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  1. Wow. How did you find this Michael - is "Crazy Greek Motorcycle Accident" a common search phrase for you on Google Video ? This is why I stick to the dirt with my motorcycling...
  2. Hey crelf. If you look back to a blog post I made after re-visiting LAVA back in late March: I have been thinking a lot about Community lately, and how we have a long way to go from a feature and strategy standpoint. National Instruments as a company has a great community of users, primarily centered around LabVIEW. We need to do a better job at partnering with them. There are several ways I think we can partner better together. Since I live primarily in the web-technology world, I can really only speak to those things, but there are plenty of others as well. I think we can provide better content sharing, where you somehow can find content from all of our partner sites in a centralized format. I think we can do a better job of understanding what forum/web features the community is interested in, and working together to make those happen either on an NI web property, or on a site like LAVA. One important thing to note is that, strategically, it doesn't make sense for NI to "control" everything that is being discussed, shared, and produced. Communities like LAVA help out in so many ways - they allow for an honest, objective look at our products - and this is a very good thing for NI. Speaking specifically about community.ni.com - its primary purpose was to replace the old examples submission system, where you essentially put your content into a vacuum.
  3. Foiled! :headbang: Being a little "pessimistic" about our community site launch is very much an honest and understood reaction. What we are trying to do here is simply add another avenue for the community to collaborate. It has been said before, but I will say again that we do not want to compete or otherwise step on the toes of our partners on the web. I hope you understand this is not the goal. What I always would want is to talk with you all about the usefulness of the site, your concerns with posting, and the like. Of course, my true intentions in LAVA is to communicate with you all and help develop a better partnership. Ocassionally, I may EVEN be able to offer a LV hint or two... PS. The community.ni.com site is built on an open-source technology called Plone, and we developed with the company Michael mentioned. It's a very impressive tool in my opinion.
  4. These circulated NI a little while back (I want to say a few months ago). What can you really even say... I mean they are pretty darn good! I still have yet to see them integrated into a funny marketing video internally - which is pretty hard to believe. I guess maybe I will have to step up to the plate.
  5. For a minute there I thought people were going to really get on me for poking my head around as the big brother. . . and by the way Michael - good work to use NI participation against us...
  6. All I can say is What's the next step in the hazing... I am not going to have to do any binge drinking am I??
  7. This is quite a post for LAVA my friend... I also am a "Mystery of Time" fan . . . a couple of good books in case you haven't seen them: The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics: Julian Barbour Time's Arrow and Archimedes Point: Huw Price
  8. By the way - sorry if I seem like I am using the forums purely for research - - that is not the message I want to send across Feel free to scream at me if you feel it is warranted...
  9. Hey all. What is y'all's (like that Texan text??) familiarity with the LabVIEW Tools Network? Do you consume tools from it? Have any of you posted content? You're non-native Texan friend...
  10. How very Minority Report... I saw this video a while back and got really amped. I consider myself fairly pessimistic regarding "novelty inventions" - but its plain to see the advantages of something like this. If nothing else, I just wanna do some photoshop on it.
  11. Hehe - I am still hard-wired from the days where I had to reply to every post (AE). It was a naive move, admittedly, but a brother is just trying to get his feet wet The legal is most definitely a little intense sounding - but remember that it is driven by lawyers. . . OK I have said too much.
  12. Anything is possible, my friend, but the relative ease depends on what tools you have. If you have NI Vision, then you have the IMAQ Subtract function. I assume you do not have this. Your other option is to convert the image to a 2D array and subtract the elements and make decisions based on the overall differences (i.e. a "Matrix Norm"), since 2 pics with a camera are never the same.
  13. Hello all. I (somewhat regretfully) am a new poster here on LAVA. I work as a Project Manager on the NI web team. I was a former Applications Engineer (IMAQ/Motion specialist). So - introductions aside - I am interested in learning a bit more about the community. Most of that will be me just spending more time here (perhaps even helping out once in a while ), but I also wanted to solicit any discussion regarding community/web/NI, specifically ni.com. I am working closely with Philip Courtois to drive specific projects on ni.com. So - Champions, power users, all - what's your favorite part about LAVA? Hopefully see you around more soon...
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