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  1. I figured it out... used to programing in 2009 and it does not have this option.
  2. Not only has Christina's blog moved there are no results when I search for linked tunnels.
  3. While were on the linked input tunnel subject, Why is the linked input tunnel option for the tunnel I've created on the output side of a case structure greyed out?
  4. Over 31000 scientists and engineers are skeptical global warming: www.petitionproject.org
  5. I have a PXIe 8133 that tests about 88MBps for read and write speeds and a PXI 8106 that tests at about 33MBps
  6. Hey! The link above NI PXI racks have pretty crappy hard drives as standard I would benchmark it with these http://zone.ni.com/d...a/epd/p/id/5348 References code writen in LabVIEW 8.0. When I try this with LV 2012 it can't find the file I/O vi. Does this file I/O vi need to open the file in non-buffered mode? And if so what vi must be substituted? Thanks Also using a PXIe with windows 7, is the file i/o compatable.
  7. Thanks again, beginning to see more clearly.
  8. I followed the steps closely and went back and checked them again. I am having trouble on step 14 page 15. Also I do not see an Update.vi in the actor.lvclass which I believe is the parent method. Hey thanks for the help I noticed the inheritance comes down through the timed loop and the update,vi there was not saved as dynamic dispatch. It fixed it.
  9. Sorry aboutr that I sent the wrong link. Here is a link to the zip file. https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-23893 I am working on the exercise project in the zip file. https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-23893
  10. I have been working on a tutorial named Hands on actor framework where the project was created for you. There is a pdf file that walks you through creating functionality but there seems to be problems. I am trying to add control logic for the process and control values in the level controller .lvclass. https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-17193 in this project I don't see a parent update.vi for level controller.lvclass.
  11. New to Actor Framework I am trying to create an Update.vi for a lvclass but when I rt clk the lvclass select new> VI for Override... Update.vi Update.vi does not appear in the menu
  12. Finally got some time to work on this. As it turned out it was most effieient to use VISA to do the GPIB interface. The HP GPIB hardware is 488.2.
  13. I have a PXI controller and am trying to interface to an old HP computer which runs HP basic. I can write to a common printer but with both the HP computer and the PXI controller being the system controller I can see the HP GPIB address but cannot respond to it neither will the HP computer respond to the PXI controller. With the PXI controller not the system controller I do not see the GPIB address of the HP computer nor can the PXI controller receive commands. The goal is for the HP computer to be the system controller and have the PXI controller receive commands and respond with data when requested. I have used VISA and GPIB vis. In VISA I can at least write to the printer. Using GPIB commands I have not been able to receive anything from the HP computer nor can I write to the printer. I have another application where the PXI controller is the system controller on the GPIB bus and a different device responds to commands from the PXI using VISA. Anyone have any experience interfacing to old HP computers?
  14. I know I have done something similar to this using ni-fgen vi's. There is an example in the example finder called Fgen Arb Waeform Streaming.vi. This vi is made for use with a PXI 5421 but could be modified to be used with another device. If you notie after the initiate generation vi there is a while loop that keep tracks of the blocks written until the stop is executed. I beleive I have done something similar using a USB analog I/O device. Let me know if this helps. pat
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