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  1. RT @BraddJaffy: NYT reporter who broke Trump campaign/Russia story is same reporter who broke Clinton email server story. That's called a f…

  2. RT @airtame: #AIRTAMEGiveAway contest - #LastChance- RT to win a free AIRTAME! 15 devices at stake! http://t.co/DXIpuW5Pad...

  3. RT @hookesltd: Students helping one another with the #NImyDAQ for electronics in Nigeria @labview @LabViewNI @NIglobal #education...

  4. Learned something new from @lavag I took the time to see what 'TLDR' means...

  5. RT @hal9000_: Your mama's so FAT she can't save files bigger than 4GB

  6. Job opportunity: Software ontwikkelaar at Lloyd's Register Rail Europe - Utrecht Area, Netherlands #jobs http://t.co/c12w1SXBZY

  7. Went to Copenhagen for the #LabVIEW Advanced User Group Meeting. Finally seeing speaking to someone who made a Project Provider!

  8. Waiting on the boarding line (@ Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) http://t.co/fX3zt9qFth

  9. going to copenhagen tomorrow for a #LabVIEW conference

  10. AURT @wimtormans: Re-installing all needed 'flavours'of #LabVIEW starting with 2010 RT @wimtormans: terrible end of the weekend ......

  11. Working in the sun and snow. Fairy tale

  12. How can I automatically move photos from Google Plus to Google Drive? Please help http://t.co/WpcnpmDClZ

  13. #Markdown Report v 1.0.3 release. Bugfixes Direct download: http://t.co/5XTVzgSB5A

    Project page: http://t.co/GrQ6BJloP4 @labview

  14. RT @lavag: @tcplomp LAVA is back online and the posting errors have been fixed.

  15. Ton on LabVIEW: Code Capture Tool Plugins - An introduction for developers http://t.co/UdEg209l

  16. Gaaf hoe elke discussie op #tweakers op linux/windows/mac bashen uitdraait

  17. Using #MarkDown in @labview Reports — Bitbucket http://t.co/CpK3phWMRelease v 1.0

  18. RT @atxgrant: #LabVIEW 2013 Beta is live right now. The new web services and commenting are awesome. Download at http://t.co/p06b3AOY

  19. Available for downlaod: Code Capture Tool 3.2 with plugins, upload to imgur and a new GUI design! http://t.co/6qNX46IK #labview @lavag

  20. Ik raad Pinout v 1.0 aan. Ga naar de koppelingen vanaf uw Android-apparaatPinout v 1.0 (...

  21. RhodeCode 1.5.2: Mercurial and Git repository browser/management with build in push/pull server and full text search http://t.co/QHbQAXC1

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