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  1. #mantis Active directory is working! On to the next hurdle #rhodecode ad integration.

  2. 'Search and Replace Code Segments' in #labview Faster implementing smart subVIs http://cot.ag/kLubUj

  3. off to a 2day matlab course. lets see whats in it for me

  4. i do ! RT @EdDickens: Does any else not like the fact that System Boolean buttons have Key focus and 'Return' mapped to them? #LabVIEW

    1. Francois Normandin

      Francois Normandin

      Same here. I always use the "Cancel button" for this very reason.

  5. i do! @EdDickens: Does any else not like the fact that System Boolean buttons ... have Key focus and 'Return' mapped to them? #LabVIEW

  6. how do I file a bug in #windows7 at @microsoft ? They want me to pay to do this @ support.ms.com & connect isn't even accepting windows7

  7. Back in the office after a few days leave. Getting up to speed with projects.#understandingcolleagues

  8. elijah kerry blew my brain at the #labview power user day! thanks #ni for organising this.

    1. Jim Kring

      Jim Kring

      Was it the LVOOP state machine? That rocks :)

    2. Ton Plomp

      Ton Plomp

      No, it was a whole rang of thins, SCC, ReUse (VIPM), requirement gateway, OOP design patterns. All that in 8 hours...

  9. Commodore 64 is back, with the same ol' look but modern insides http://t.co/ecOmK08 via @latimestech ooh yes, that is too good to be true!

  10. I love #lastpass Just one password to remember! (and it integrates with #opera )

  11. Are there any architects books on #labview ? http://stackoverflow.com/q/5460954/47860

    1. SteveChandler


      None other than A Software Engineering Approach to LabVIEW. Some of you here should consider collaborating on one.

    2. SteveChandler


      Err.. None that I know of I meant to say.

  12. Working with #mercurial and #labview? join the NI user group :http://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/mercurial

  13. Saw the light for a small software issue after a week of thinking.

  14. Is it normal to get hundreds of break-in attempts per day? http://serverfault.com/q/244614/45 /via @splattne 'you are not alone'

  15. Uploaded my submission for the #labview #codemadness 2011: http://cot.ag/flz0cW debugging state machines

  16. Tonight on the deadline I'll submit my #labview #madness application. feats: xctl, state machine, debugging tool. Got inspiration yesterday

  17. The SCC integration in LV2010 is worse than 2009... #LabVIEW restart number 10 (not lying)

  18. Follow @MindTouch to Win: Amazon Kindle, Your Fave eBooks and MindTouch License for FREE! http://mndt.ch/feb-giveaway

  19. Do you want to have a VI where you can drop a file on any control-type? Give your users a powerfull #LabVIEW GUI! Vote: http://cot.ag/hluhDx

  20. Has anyone written a #labview API for the VSS command-line interface? (i know vss)

  21. The warm glow of a new beta. awesome!

  22. Feel like documenting your #LabVIEW project? "Add comments to project folders" Vote: http://cot.ag/gHVTr1

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