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  1. Been working on the CCT release on the @lavag tools network... Looking good.


  3. De schuur heeft weer een deur, na twee jaar!

  4. Thanks, still working on it @swinders Code Capture Tool to be Released on LabVIEW Tools Network - Great work @tcplomp http://t.co/OCxwqjW0

  5. Yet another web-page that sends (and thus stores) my password in an email... luckily I generated it randomly with @lastpass

  6. #ilovemercurial because I can revert to an older version without the repo-server

  7. And running win8. That's a pretty quick install!

  8. I can top that: 10 RT @smithsqrlI know have 6 versions of #LabVIEW running on my machine #fb

  9. I have to say, I have totally lost interest in Google+. Hard to pin down exactly why. /via @RobertTalbert you are not alone.

  10. Renewed my @lavag subscription, 30 euros well spent

  11. zucht Rutger van Castricum, zucht.

  12. Unit-tests saved my day (or reputation)

  13. #NI support is very cooperative @niglobal

  14. niets doen en radio luisteren #benikheelgoedin

  15. Na een avondje zit het erin. de #ns-api in @mindtouch

  16. I want to shift-enter in #IE just like in #Opera aaaahhh

  17. O dear LV2010 why do you crash?

  18. Yes, I can cypher using AES (rijndael) in #labview. Soon on @bitbucket and @lavag Let's see if I can decypher

  19. New blog post: http://tinyurl.com/6f4e2kc - Connecting Mantis with Rhodecode. Support for RhodeCode Repo Groups

  20. Gebruikt iemand #Google+ hangouts en #opera ? HOE?? #durftevragen

  21. Connecting #mantisbt with #rhodecode (hg-private hosting)? Look: how I did this http://cot.ag/qR56b0

  22. Working with #Microsoft LiveWriter and #Google blogger. Integration looks good!

  23. Ja hoor, VCA is binnen.

  24. NI Community: LabVIEW Add-on Dev Center: Should you give away your software?: http://t.co/8xbjdGY

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