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  1. O Darren a lot interesting would happen if @lavag wasn't offline ( @crelfpro kick that server)

  2. RT @marcinkuzminski: Lance Armstrong bug, when code never fails a test, performs better than expected, but does something illegal.

  3. I just voted for 'Detect LabVIEW as a programming language' - what do you think? #labview #masterbranch http://t.co/w7KfffKQ

  4. RT @lavag: Struggling to edit your polymorphic @labview VIs? Try the community "Polymorphic VI Editor" - download here: http://t.co/Im1YzOAO

  5. Polymorphic VI Editor v1.0.1 released. Small bugfix, and upgraded to LabVIEW 2011 @lavag http://t.co/tGxFGXEO @labview

  6. RT @nickkristof: Why can't the US regulate guns as seriously as ladders? Grr. My column: http://t.co/AZPmPMG7 Please pass on!

  7. RT @codinghorror: You know what? F**k you, second amendment. Maybe we needed guns in the 1700s to have a voice or security. Not any more.

  8. And today it's 10-11-12!!!!!!!

  9. RT @labview_tools: NEWS->Websocket API For LabVIEW demo released->http://t.co/L03LWLeK

  10. Working on cool new Code Capture Tool layout....

  11. Coll:" @bitbucket /TortoiseHg stuff is quite impressive. A lot to learn, but one advances up the learning curve steadily. I may abandon svn"

  12. RT @lavag: Vote for the new OpenG feature - "Periodic Trigger: Maintain Phase" - how would you like it implemented? http://t.co/cHHxtCD5

  13. Woohaa, got LV 2009 back. Now back to programming!

  14. RT @dnatt: A Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut for making While Loop subdiagram labels in #LabVIEW 2012 look like they're supposed to:...

  15. RT @vishots: #LabVIEW tip. This deletes the last array element. http://t.co/unZkNpZ7

  16. ik krijg volgende week eindelijk #win7 voor mijn werklaptop...

  17. RT @labview_borat: C programmer make drawing of how his code work. I say yes, I do same and here is drawing. It is my code! He mumble...

  18. 'The Lion king is based on Hamlet', 'On what point does Hamlet say "Hakuna Matata"' O how I love #QI

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