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  1. I just did some testing of this myself. once on a fresh laptop with a clean 2013 install. and once on the old 8-Ball laptop after upgrade to 2014 DS2 VIPM would not allow either machine to install CCT 3.2.1-46 Resolved by downloading CCT 2.1.3-1 and installing that package first from the product homepage. VIPM was scessful in installing 3.2.1-46 as an upgrade
  2. Thank for the advice Yair. I'll look at it this weekend and let you'all know what I found out
  3. And while we are waiting for Edit>>Create snippet from selection to catch up to the CCT.... Let me preface this with my most common use case for creating snippets- Discussion forum posts. I even keep a menu shortcut handy since I post so dratted often. Ctrl+/ (Who needs to tile windows anyhow?) Ah, but tools>>Lava>>CCT isn't "menu shortcuttable" or whatever the term should be. And if it was, like Create snippet from selection, it would need to be aware of the context. Try Tools>>Lava>CCT... from project explorer...Ctrl+/ doesn't do anything, it is discarded, the CCT correctly chastises me for invoking a tool in a foolish manner. Which gets me into areas of LabVIEW I really don't play with ever. I suspect a QD shortcut would be a more approachable route to create code capture of selected (Or All) Block diagram by running a vi with the appropriate CCT API calls. Ideas from the experts are more than welcome.
  4. Cross-post from NI Forums http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/How-can-i-change-the-background-of-labview-front-panel/m-p/2696525#M801184 Code Capture tool ignores Pane Background for Front Panel. (Minor, but notable)
  5. HEY, I remembered to buy mine (just-in-time too- that's a fiver in my pocket for the bar)
  6. Previous issue resolved with upgrade to CCT 2013. Mega Kudos Yair! Trivial request for additional space for just-in-time advice.
  7. Cross post from the NI Forums. Small glitch with CCT of selected FP
  8. To: Jeff·Þ·Bohrer From: JordanG Sent: May 10, 2013 Subject: Private Message: Re: Unable to log into the Forums! Hi Jeff, Lithium is currently experiencing unscheduled network downtime in their North America datacenter and are working hard on resolving the issue. I will send a communication once we have an update. Sorry for the inconvenience! Jordan Thanks for the confirmation Tim. Jordan et al are on the job.
  9. If so, how did you log in? Yup, my post count is taking a hit today.
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