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  1. Hi, unfortunately I only have LV 8.6.1 installed on my PC any longer. Therefore only a screenshot. In my opinion, you have to open both files, get the required data and process it.
  2. I don't know if someone else needs this ('cause everone uses sub vi's insted) It's possible to drag and drop selected diagram fragments between different opened VIs (just like with copy and paste). It works still like the CTRL- trick inside of one VI This just works in the same instance of LV. between two instances a picture of the selected diagram fragment is copied instead CTRL + Drag 'n' Drop of local variables just copies the variables itself Copy and Paste of a variables also creates the corresponding controls/indicators with new names
  3. i absolutely support your wish. writing "global applications" for everyone in the world is very inconvenient without the ability of using some kind of "special characters" greetz Tom
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