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  1. Hello there, I am developing an application in which functions from advanced signal processing toolkits are used. If I run the application on development computer. It works fine. When I create build and deploy the executable on deployment computer with no labview development suite, I get the following error LabVIEW resource not found. An error occurred loading VI "NI_AALBase.lvlib:Median.vi". LabVIEW load error code 3: Could not load front panel I included the above .lvlib as a support file by including it in always included box but I still get the same error. Is it possible to fix this problem? Thx Austin
  2. Just wondering if there is a limit to number of times one could take the CLD exam?
  3. Thank for the reply Aristos/jgcode. At the moment I just want to be able to use the vis I developed from the function pallettes so its quicker and easier. I will also start using VIPM. That will do me. Thanks
  4. I will do some nice stuff and post it soon then.
  5. How do we do it? I had called the main vi once by using dynamically calling method. Wonder how I could integrate a video in the launcher vi. Will appreciate if you point me somewhere. I am really here for help. Many thanks Austin
  6. Hello Is it possible to have a sort of launcher vi which behaves as below: Double clicking the icon launches the application which includes a small video. When the video finishes, on clicking the button, the vi including all the code ( main vi) runs. Many thanks in advance Kind Regards Austin
  7. Is creating user libraries as simple as saving all my vis in user.lib folder or there is something more involved in it. I would also like to save all my controls so like I pick the controls from Modern, Silver palletes, I have another pallete which contains all the controls I design. Please guide me in the right direction, appreciate being the member of lavag. Kind Regards Austin
  8. Documentation- Hopefully >=9.5 Functionality- File IO requirement- didnt finish Start up Initialization- Completed Start up process, required updating a status indicator + elapsed time indicator for few seconds- completed. After above, if application meets some conditions e.g ( numeric slider value greater than x) then update status indicator and elapsed time indicator. Completed. After above, another set of conditions and then update status indicator if those are satisfied. Completed. At this point, allow user to make some selections, after which run the controller. Controller Stop + Shutdown File IO requirement : Didnt finish. Style: Did not use local variables, used producer consumer and display loop, was comparitively neater. But used many references in the consumer loop and property nodes in the display loop. Are these acceptable?
  9. From my experience as long as the controls/indicators are in a while loop, the values are readable by the application built as long as the while loop termination condition is not satisfied(usually stop control). A simple test is to place a while loop, wire a boolean control to the condition terminal, drop Get date time in second function and wire an indicator to the output. This will read the present time continuously. In my application, I used consumer loop to open reference to the display loop and run the front panel update task completely independently. So at the start of every execution, the consumer loop reads the controls required for the subvi in the case which is going to be executed based on the value of the Consumer Command available after dequeuing, carry out all execution tasks such as algorithms etc and pass the data to display loop to update the indicators. The dequeue function being used in the consumer loop only dequeues the "name of the case" which is wired to the selector terminals and it is executed at the same time as the controls according to the laws of data flow programming. The dequeue function being used in the display loop dequeues the data sent from consumer loop so it would never execute prior to the execution of the consumer loop. Sorry Todd nothing personal, but I dont think you have understood the design architecture.
  10. Yes. Consumer loop in this case is pretty much a standard state machine with queues to sequence through each state. If you see from the initialize state, I have used Controlller_Consumer Datatype to in all the cases to execute the state machine. For shutdown, master loop takes control, flush the queue and add in the queue command for shutdown.
  11. Hello everybody. I have test tomorrow and struggling to make my slider and knobs work on boiler controller example. It works fine until they trigger the front panel. After this point, any action on them causes no effect. It could be very well the case that I will be involved with these tomorrow. Will appreciate if somebody could point me in the right direction. Please find attaced my solution. As I did it fairly quickly and still have 45 minutes, I would have worked on my block diagram to make it look more cleaner and I am doing this now. Please help. Kind Regards Austin Controller Software.zip
  12. Hello, I am taking CLD in few weeks and going through the sample questions. I tried ATM Controller. It is fully functional but it took me 5 1/2 hour to finish it off and include documentation. There are certain things on the front panel which are not quite right. For instance, menu buttons are not being released. I documented on the front panel all the things which I thought could be useful to mention for an effective advice. Not sure if I can finish this faster by doing something different? Many thanks in advance Kind Regards Austin 11-02-2012.zip
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