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  1. I have no access to the official NI NXG 2.0 forum, so I will write here. 1. In "NationalInstruments.NIWebBrowserSupport.dll" - instead of the external library "CoherentUI (CEF)" could by use the "WebBrowser" control from "PresentationFramework.dll" https://www.dotnetperls.com/webbrowser-wpf 2. In C Node - Instead of compiling the code in c using CVI, could by use the Ch interpreter and SDK https://www.softintegration.com/products/ .
  2. This may the next version of NXG 3.0 will make it on Windows MR (MixedReality)?
  3. .Net is open source, apart from the WPF platform, to ported NXG to other systems, writing again the WPF native components such as: MilCore and compiler DFIR to LLVM instead of lvffrt.
  4. Personally, I would never ever implement a hundredfold shitty avr in fpga. I would prefer something more interesting and useful like this: http://bar.eecs.berkeley.edu/projects/2014-rocket_chip.html
  5. How very you want you can do it XNode abstraction layer. I personally prefer LV NXG from LV TG because I have 100% influence on what is implemented and for my future implementations. For example, adding a Lattice FPGA platform because it has good and cheap FPGA ECP5. Or simplify the implementation to XDiagram and XComponent so that I can create any diagram behavior for any component.
  6. In LV NXG you have more capabilities than you had in LV TG because you can make abstraction layer for XNode, XDiagram, XTunnel, XWire, components as native plugins.
  7. As for "Web UI Builder" it should already be open source. One can launch without a browser. Download: uibuilder.niwsc.com/webuibuilder/WebUIBuilder.xap After installing Silverlight set system variable PATH= <Disk>:\<Path> to sllauncher.exe and launch sllauncher /emulate:"WebUIBuilder.xap" /origin:"<Disk>:\<Path>\WebUIBuilder.xap" /overwrite
  8. "Node Red" is just HTML+JS+CSS and Python's dick for the RPi is like a fart in comparison to LV NXG1. I am most pleased with this most useful feature which will be never in the standard Labview.
  9. I like it too LVNXG graphical interface and creating native plugins (Examples: https://github.com/ni/nidevlabs). I just don't get why they cut out this version of LVNXG1 (, earlier version is full.
  10. Instead of reading the idiotic posts of users "Jacemdom, rolfk". It may be interesting and useful: 1. Next Generation Labview Interactive (html) VI Instruments. https://github.com/elijah286/NIWeek-2016-Keynote/tree/master/WebVI/WebVI and Tag Keynote/Interactive/Component https://github.com/joshuaprewitt/crio-temp-logger-webvi/tree/master/cRIO Temp Logger/Builds/Web Server/Default/WebApp https://github.com/joshuaprewitt/webvi-plugin https://github.com/joshuaprewitt/data_logger https://github.com/joshuaprewitt/crio-logger-webdashboard/tree/master/Interactive/Component https://github.com/joshuaprewitt/hackathon/tree/master/Interactive/Component https://github.com/joshuaprewitt/simplelvplugin https://github.com/prestwick/wind-turbine-demo/tree/master/Interactive/Component https://github.com/prestwick/HackathonWebVI/tree/master/HTMLVIDeploy6 2.VI Parser https://ni.github.io/VireoSDK/ https://github.com/ni/VireoSDK/tree/incoming/source
  11. I sent and I wait for the answer.
  12. It's good that this is not an NI official forum. There are my posts is deleted in a few minutes. Due to the lack of any secret license.
  13. It's not about that to publicly respond, just to fix it.
  14. This is NI internal "super secret private special" support service question. Maybe if I ask on the public forum maybe someone will wake up and fix it.
  15. Applies to server administrator "Store API Service - ...conduit.ni.com....". Move your ass and configure this server, because I can't download new labview.
  16. To generate and compile the Labview FPGA for other hardware with Xilinx FPGA, just create a XML file (*.xml) in <lvdir>\Targets\NI\FPGA\<hardware> and create a few files .ucf and .vhd in <lvdir>\Targets\NI\FPGA\<hardware>\FPGAFiles\ . example: LV2015DIR\Targets\NI\FPGA\MT-P160\MTresource.xml , LV2015DIR\Targets\NI\FPGA\MT-P160\FPGAFiles\ The rest is the additives used for data transfer and programming.
  17. New non-xnode update for "Re-Label Wire Xnode" popup plugin Relabelizer.llb , copy to ..\LabVIEW <version>\resource\plugins\PopupMenus\edit time panel and diagram.
  18. The management shall be granted in this topic. Provides information about product content, which is not yet officially available. So it does not hurt to ask for things that already are in the products.
  19. I know you're not with NI. I was hoping for the answer of someone with NI, who appeared recently in this topic.
  20. Finally, the right man it is in this forum. So I ask (without the participation of lawyers) , when will the official (unofficial) support to the "XInterface Component" and "DFIRtoCPP".
  21. VI Macro technology update :
  22. Simpler XNode . XMacro.zip
  23. Instead replace vi to vim. Macroizer.llb copy to "..\resource\plugins\PopupMenus\edit time panel and diagram" and right-click on subvi and "Convert To Macro".
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