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  1. You are rigth, I was bad-mannered, Thanks both of you, for show me the way.
  2. It worked perfectly. Thanks a lot ShaunR !!
  3. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17940236/Cilindro%201%2C15nm_10 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17940236/ImageFile Here you have two examples of diferent image files, ImageFile is the one of the screens I post before, and it has 1.76859 Z amplitude, and the second one has a 23 Z amplitude. I don't know exactly the minimun and maximun possible because I am not the one who generates the source file it comes from an external company and they don't say anything about it in the format specifications. I do not know if have a look into this files will be helpfull.
  4. I check it twice, I think is ok both things. I atach the code and the images I get, as you can see it is visible an image in binary mode in the Imaq display ctl, but is too poor and I just realized that is rotated!!
  5. Yes, I tried all the different inputs, and also apply to the data a Lookup table, but I haven't got a reasonable image.I would say the values are between 0 and 255, I wanted to upload the ASCII file but I'm not allowed to upload that kind of file to the forum. It has a header and after it the Image information, I have a SubVi which extracts the image information only.
  6. Sorry If I didn't use the proper words, english is not my mother tongue. You are right guessing my intentions. I have an ASCII file comming from an atomic force microscope which represents an image which is now displayed in an intensity graph, I would like to show it in an Image display.ctl, in order to use the ROI tools to select specific zones that in the intensity graph you can only use the area among two cursors. I have tried yet ArrayToImaq.vi but it displays a black image or if I change the palette to binari I'm able to see the main shapes of the image in red but too unfocused. Thanks.
  7. Thanks I read about mutation, I think It won't be a problem in my case
  8. Hi !! I would like to cast a intensity graph data type to a Image display.ctl. I am adding some funcionality to an old program, and it would be really usefull have the ROI tools that it control offers, but the ascii file I have as source contains an intensity graph data tpe, and I am not able to cenvert it. I read about Lookup tables, but I don't know which parameters should I use, also tried the predefined ones, without success. I can see something in "Binary" mode, but too bad. Do you know how can I cast these types? Thanks in advance!
  9. So, if I create a class which ObjectAtributtes are typedefs (clusters), I will have problems with this class?? I just done that!
  10. When you say 1 2 3 ... and 3 0.01 6 0.08 Do you mean that in the index 3 of the first array do you want to place the index 3 of the second one. Or for the value 3 of the first array you want to place the index 3 of the second??
  11. Thanks!! i will release it in each vi.
  12. Hi! I may ask a stupid task, but what do you thing about the following idea. I have one main UI with three subpanel, two are always the same, and one is changing dinamically. I want to manage the shutdown event in that way: 1. Main UI fires the shutdown event and wait a notification from the two subpanel. 2. The two subpanel vis, recieve the event and close the hardware connections, send a notification to the MainUI.vi 3. Main UI recieves the notifications and continue its execution to shutdown. I attach three screens, to show you how i implemented the notification comunication. Couple of questions. -Is it neccesary "create" first the notifier in the vi which will send the notification or is the same which vi creates it? -As I want to comunicate among two different vi's , I implement inside each an "obtain Notifier" should I destroy this reference in both? Or destroying once is enough? THANKS AGAIN!!
  13. Thanks Aristos for your reply! As you wrote I'm using singletone as a class which can only create an instance. Your tip is a good one, I will keep in mind for the future. I just finished solving the problem, you and Ulf were rigth, I changed the "creation" of the objects to a vi that is only released with the exit of the app, and it works fine. Thanks again guys, you gave me the key
  14. Sorry, I will be glad to offer you some code, but the project is huge and hardware dependent, as you say I should create a small project to show you the problem, but I'm running out of time, so I would try to move the creator of the objects and see if it works fine first. Thanks both of you, I will let you know my progress.
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