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  1. When I download the ZIP my LabVIEW 2012 is having trouble locating the "NetworkStream_InterTarget_Courier.lvclass", is anyone else having this problem? I found a file called "NETWO~1.LVC" in the location that this file is suppose to be in but even after renaming LabVIEW is still not happy.
  2. Nice icons. I need to download and try this out. Very cool concept!
  3. Hi Norm, I have yet to find a good example of how to use the nested Event Structures in the TLB template. Could you (or someone) point me to some code that demonstrates this unconventional approach? I'm interested in seeing how this is used since at this point in time I've only been successful in freezing the UI. Also, the current download of the TLB doesn't seem to contain the "Prime" improvements. That is the state machine contained within the Primary Execution loop. I'm running LV2011 so perhaps this update is only for 2012 as you demonstrate using 2012 in your videos? Thanks! Craig
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