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Found 7 results

  1. Name: Transport.lvlib Submitter: ShaunR Submitted: 27 Aug 2011 Category: Remote Control, Monitoring and the Internet LabVIEW Version: 2009License Type: Other (included with download) Transport.lvlib is a LabView API to simplify and accelerate networked communication development. It simplifies development by abstracting TCPIP, UDP and Bluetooth and TLS interfaces into a single polymorphic vi which is a thin wrapper around the conventional open, read, write, close and listener VIs for all the network interfaces. Features: Supports TCP/IP, Bluetooth, UDP (p2p, broadcast and mul
  2. Hi everyone, I am perceiving some strange behavior in my UDP connections. Every time I re-start my cRIO 9063, the UDP Write block outputs ERROR 66 (LabVIEW: The network connection was closed by the peer. If you are using the Open VI Reference function on a remote VI Server connection, verify that the machine is allowed access by selecting Tools>>Options>>VI Server on the server side.) and it does not transmit. The most bizarre thing is that if I simply stop the execution and re-launch it again (given that I am executing the code of the cRIO in Debug mode from a Windows
  3. Hi there, I have RIO in a Windows VirtualBox inside a Ubunbtu Host OS. I am sending data from a C++ program in the Ubuntu Host system to labview within the Guest OS. I can receive the data on labview installed on the windows guest os. Below is the png of the Windows working program. But when I tried to send the data to myRIO, I was getting a udp read only error 42. Somewhere on the NI forums, someone suggested the net address of the "UDP Multicast Read-Only" vi be wired to the address of the RIO which I have done below . Now, the code runs on my
  4. I have a UDP connection setup on a Windows 7 machine that runs an IMAQ code. The machine can send and receive udp connection so long as data being sent it is on the same machine. When I send the code from a different process (running on Windows 7), I am able to read the data on the RIO udp receiver VI (running on the Windows Host) as well. So I changed the sending program to a labview code and the udp receiver won't pick up the data. Could there be something I am missing? Attached are the PNG files (lava1 is the talker (same as the Kinect Code VI) while lava2 is the receiver). Any clues wo
  5. Dear LabVIEW friends, I'm running into a problem distribution my application. This is opening a UDP connection registering a service as explained in the documentation. It is perfectly working when running within the development system and also as a standalone application on the development computer. The problem is with the installer and the distribution package. When I install the application of a different computer, it fails with error 63 at the Open UDP. Reading the available documentation it looks like it is a Service Locator fault. So I checked and indeed the NI Service Locator
  6. Hi all, I had a couple of questions related to reading udp packets in Labview. I am receiving 100 - 200 Mbps of variably sized packets. The first byte in the packet specifies its size in bytes*4. 1) When I perform a read, I have no idea how much data to request, so I set an arbitrary size. It seems in doing this that I am getting multiple packets together and that I subsequently need to parse the data into packets after reading. Doing so seems to slow down the machine a bit and I'm nervous I'm dropping packets (see next point). I also tried reading only 1 byte, then reading X number of byt
  7. Hi everybody I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to build a client-server file transfer application. The client reads a file stored on a given working station(PC) and sends it to a server installed on another working station for further usage. I am using UDP as the transport protocol. The problem is that my application works perfectly with files whose size is in the range of kilobytes, however when I try to send files whose seize is in the range of megabytes, the application crashes down and the attached error message shows up I understood that I have to increase the size of both the UDP
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