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  1. I will take the silence as meaning this is probably the most efficient way possible. -G
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to use a parameter table in a state machine. Currently, I have converted the ~3x50 element parameter table into an array of the same size. The indexing element in this case happens to be a frequency. At each frequency I need to run the primary action/test. In order to carry the current index through the test I am pulling the row out of the original array and placing it into a separate array that I'll call "Current Freq Index," perform the action, and then pull the next row, etc etc. I like the modularity of the simple state machine but this method of carrying the index to operate on in a separate array seems clunky or inefficient. How does everyone else handle something like this? (The former version is just a for loop indexing off of each frequency, which is simple, but not as extensible as I'd like it to be) Thanks! -G
  3. This could be a newbie-type question (as I am one relative to the average user base on LAVAG) but would you recommend this approach to an application that runs automated testing with no user input? My applications will typically never involve event-driven structures, though I do appreciate the sound thinking behind this approach.
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