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  1. I am running into the same issue. I created a pre-build script that updates items in the build spec. However these updated get applied to the build spec on the harddisk and not into the current build spec loaded into memory. I spent hours figuring this out. It looks like the best solution is to create a script that runs my pre-build tasks and then calls the build script.
  2. I have a table showing data and I change the background color based on user input limits. This is easily done in Excel. In LabVIEW I am looping through the table data (2-D) and setting the 'ActiveCell' and setting the 'CellBGColor'. This is brutally slow. Is there a faster way?
  3. Thanks Todd The Initialize Mouse.vi lead me to the Basic Input Demo.vi. This does a query of the mouse state and does indicate when the ‘back’ button (button 4) is pressed. I used the example to add a parallel loop to my even driven user interface. The Acquire Input Data.vi is a call to a library node which I have in a continuously running while-loop (100ms delay). This works to capture mouse button presses.
  4. I want to add an event case to handle the browser back button from a mouse (or keyboard). This would be for a user interface and not in a browser. Are these buttons only reconigized by javascript? The event structure seem to only catch mouse buttons 1,2,3.
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