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  1. It seems to be nice and price is attractive. I want one to.
  2. Nico

    MIL-STD-1553 bus

    Hi, I'm also using a Condor PXI 1553 card. It costs around 8k$. Stubs, cables and accessories are expensive too. LV driver is not very hard to use and LV real time support is available. I don't think that is possible to convert 1553 from or to another protocol. It's a complex protocol with lot of handshaking, time checking, error handling... If you have more accurate question, I will try to answer.
  3. Hi d, Go to the NI site : http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/2F8...62565A90066E9BA And try vis in LV to MAT.zip at the bottom of the page. There are not lot of options but it seems to work fine.
  4. Hi, I'd like to read presentations "Five Techniques for Better LabVIEW Code" and "Applying UML to TestStand and LabVIEW" from http://www.bloomy.com/resources/ but links are dead. Do you know an other link to see it? Thanks. Nico
  5. I use tab control in a project, and I like it because it allows us to have a simple interface. I'd like to know how to get and set the active page of the tab control. I spent few time on this topic, but I found nothing. I searched in property node: nothing... The only way that work is to used an user event with "tabCtrl.ValueChange" but that's not what I want. Have you some ideas to do this?
  6. Sometimes, I had some crashes to. When I updated my project, I had some stupid modifications to do. In some VIs, I had to delete few blocks and to replace them with same blocks from the LV8 palette, and after, it works. I think the LV8 is usefull if you have project with many platforms. In my case, I have a program that run on a PXI with LV Real Time and a HMI on a PC. Before LV8, it was not able to run one labview instance for the HMI and an other one for RT. Now, you can.
  7. Now, this problem is solved. The reason is a wrong definition fo the Y array representation. In a writing sub vi, it was extended precision, and in reader vi, it was double. So the unflatten from string function freezed. I use double everywhere and it works nice. Thanks for your help.
  8. That's terrific. :headbang: I'm surpised if it works properly...
  9. No, I use one FIFO for each thread. Read FIFO process is made in a for loop with a FIFO reference array as input. There is one output that send waveform to TCP write function.
  10. Hello, I have problem with "unflatten from string" function. As you can see in the following picture, LV application freezes on UFS execution. I'm using this function to pass waveform with attributes from time critical loop to communication loop. RT FIFO doesn't allow to pass atribbutes with waveform, so, I have to use this complicated way waveform->binary string->U8[] FIFO->binary string->waveform. It works when 2 threads write in FIFO, and, when I add a third one, LV RT freezes, and I have to reboot (or reset) PXI controller. More details: Wfm contains 1000 elements in Y arr
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