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  1. HI, After finding the dominant color in an image(attached the image file),using the dominant color from the orginal image,i have to create color mask image as per the technique from this pdf i had attached ,can you please help me out in performing a color mask to an image usiing dominant color. Thank you, Madhubalan A fast MPEG-7 dominant color extraction with new similarity.pdf
  2. Hi, Thank you for the reply.For dominant color in an image and color mask image,my project is to find the object(screw) from the other objects,i am using the technique from a paper "Fast Object Detection Based on Color Histograms and Local Binary Patterns"http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpls/abs_all.jsp?arnumber=6412323.In this paper they have to find the printer from other object,i have to find the screw instead of printer.In this paper,they are using few techniques,in which initial step is calculate color mask image show in fig 5. Thank you Madhubalan
  3. Hi, In the image you posted, finding the dominant color from RGB,but if to find first 10 or 20 or..dominant color in an image,how to find it?.
  4. Hi, Color mask and dominant color descriptor both options are not available in both labview and vision assistant.. Hi, if you could find both,can you please send me. Thanks MADHUBALAN
  5. Hi shaunR, I will try this,can please send the vi file of png histogram color. Thank you Madhubalan
  6. Hi shaun R, No,it is a color image. Regards MADHUBALAN
  7. Hi shaun R, can you please breif me,How you calculated grey is a dominant color,is there any formula or method to calculate it. Thanks MADHUBALAN
  8. Hi, How to extract and calculate dominant color in an image,using this dominant color of an image,how to create color mask image.I have attached an example image of an screw.If anyone can provide me with an algorithm for color mask image,it would be helpful. Thank you MADHUBALAN
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