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Found 7 results

  1. Hello All, I am new to the camera labview programming. For my research work, I am using camera to grab the live image. I am stuck with one problem. how to treat the background? I tried to subtract the constant value from the entire image, but with that i am loosing few of my data. I know one solution, but I don't know how to implement this solution. Problem: how to take the values from the 4 corner of the image and subtract those value from entire image? If anybody previously develop similar stuff then please help me out for this. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks, Shaun removebackground.vi
  2. Hello All, I am trying to removing the background and normalizing the image data. I have an image which I attached here. All I want as end result of normalized image with no background. At last I want to check the beam profile before and after. Is anybody previously worked on it? Any VI? Any help would be appreciate. Thanks in Advance
  3. Hello,everyone! I want to use LabVIEW to make grayscale images convert to pseudo-color image by using lookup table.But I do not know how to use this function. How can I customize a LUT function ?I had find a lot of lut files from imageJ ,can I load the available lut files into LabVIEW ?Thanks!
  4. In my job I develop in-house machine vision and image processing solutions for my company. In industrial machine vision and inspection, there are several main players (Cognex, Keyence, Matrox, Halcon, etc.) LabVIEW and IMAQ are not totally out of the picture but are far from common for manufacturing applications. I try to use LabVIEW whenever I can because I find it's great for quickly prototyping proof-of-concept systems. I use the Vision Acquisition and Vision Development Module toolkits extensively. For the most part, the functions provided by NI meet my needs. Increasingly though, I find myself pushing their limits, and yearning for the functionality offered by some of the competition. In some cases I can leverage these external libraries but that can be cumbersome. Aside from a couple of older, paid LabVIEW libraries from third party companies, I can't find much out there to complement the IMAQ palettes. 1.) Are there quality VIs out there and I'm just not seeing them? 2.) Is there an appetite for them? 3.) Would anyone be interested in working (with me or otherwise) on an open-source image processing toolkit?
  5. Hi, How to extract and calculate dominant color in an image,using this dominant color of an image,how to create color mask image.I have attached an example image of an screw.If anyone can provide me with an algorithm for color mask image,it would be helpful. Thank you MADHUBALAN
  6. I am trying to do hand gesture recognition for any background ( not by using a single color plane behind the hand ). I am acquiring the image by using the integrated webcam that is present in my laptop. once the gestures are identified , i need to take some decisions to control someother instrument. I am trying this by using image processing techniques like edge detection, template matching etc. I am not able to find expected results..Is there any precautions to be handled to get this correct ?
  7. Hi, I am wondering if anyone did or found a performance test of IMAQ functions. What I am interesting in is what is the performance of IMAQ functions compared to functions written in .net or C++ (OpenCV)? Can we improve or deteriorate the performance of IMAQ based applications? regards, Marcin
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